What’s The Difference Between ASTM F2412 and ASTM F2413 Rating Standards?


ASTM, or the American Society for Testing and Materials, is an organization that works to set safety and technical standards for a variety of products and materials, and production systems and services. The two most common standards, ASTM F2412 and ASTM F2413, both denote important factors. ASTM F2413 covers the minimum performance requirements necessary for … Read more

What Does an ASTM F2413-18 Safety Footwear Rating Mean?


Many tradespeople are familiar with the ASTM safety regulations and OSHA guidelines. But an ASTM F2413-18 safety footwear rating specifically focuses on the minimum performance requirements that must be met in order to ensure work boots and shoes have all the necessary features to protect wearers from workplace hazards and injuries. Footwear that meets ASTM … Read more

Do Electricians Wear Special Boots?


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What Kind of Boots Should Electricians Wear?


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Brunt Marin Boots: The Ultimate in Protection and Comfort


The BRUNT Workwear company has been getting a lot of buzz lately. I was intrigued by their story and wanted to try out their boots, so I got a pair of the Brunt Marin Boots to review.  First off, the construction of the boots is top-notch. The leather is thick, tough, and durable, but still … Read more