How To Drill Through Epoxy (6 DIY Steps)

How To Drill Through Epoxy

To drill through the epoxy, the main thing is the selection of the right tools and determining the nature of the material it’s embedded on. You ruin the epoxy if you don’t choose the right tool that suits the surface material. That’s why we’re here to guide you with a detailed guide on how to … Read more

How to Drill Into Stucco – 6 Easy Steps

How to Drill Into Stucco

Stucco drilling is often seen as one of the most arduous tasks. Unfortunately, it is because most people go into it without knowing the nitty-gritty. That’s why we’re here with a step-by-step guide on how you can drill into the stucco.  This hard form of stucco makes people think that drilling into stucco is hard. … Read more

How to Drill Into Vinyl Siding? – 6 Easy Steps

How to Drill Into Vinyl Siding

Mostly vinyl siding is chosen for exterior finishing. It is durable and low maintenance. But if you need something to be hung on the wall, you will need a drill to get through the vinyl siding.  Drilling into vinyl siding isn’t very difficult itself. However, some precautions need to be attended to first. This type … Read more

How to Drill Through Plexiglass (6-Step Guide)

How to Drill Through Plexiglass

Also called transparent thermoplastic, acrylic, Lucite, and a host of other names, Plexiglass is a polymer often used to replace glass as an alternative in construction projects. It is a shatter-resistant glass and used in its light form as sheets. Drilling holes in plexiglass can be a challenging task because it does not have a … Read more

Boring vs Drilling – What’s The Main Difference?

Boring vs Drilling

There are many methods of making holes on surfaces and which method to use depends on several factors. Of these many methods, boring vs drilling are often mistaken for each other. Boring and drilling are two common methods used by manufacturing companies in cutting. While one is used to creating a new hole, the other … Read more

Milling vs Drilling (4 Differences)

Milling vs Drilling

Over time, there has always been a task of recognizing, clearly identifying, and differentiating the milling process from the drilling process. This is due to several reasons, which include the fact that both processes look quite similar. With no doubt, the milling vs drilling process works almost the same way and their functions are nothing … Read more

18V vs 20V Cordless Drills (Find Out The Differences)

18V vs 20V Cordless Drills

18 V cordless drills have provided outstanding performance for many years. They are a common and standard measure of power used for tools for a long time. Recently, however, 20 V tools are becoming more popular. With the discrepancy in the prices, this often has many people wondering, what’s the difference between 18v vs 20v … Read more

Best Corded Drills (Complete Your Projects With Ease)

Best Corded Drills

Irrespective of the great strides made in cordless drill technology, it is still common knowledge that the most efficient ones are sometimes not so efficient to do a particular task. Making a burrow in steel, drilling a half-inch hole in a hardwood; these feats can only be achieved with a corded drill. Courtesy of their … Read more

How to Drill Into Cast Iron (9 DIY Steps)

How to Drill Into Cast Iron

You’ve completed several DIY home improvement projects, and now your next one calls for drilling into cast iron. Don’t worry. This is a good metal for drilling! According to most experts, this project should be a breeze. So, how to drill into cast iron? Unlike other metals, it doesn’t need a specific type of tool … Read more

How to Sharpen Drill Bits (7 Steps Guide)

How to Sharpen Drill Bits

Drill bits are good, but there is a bit of a downside to drill bits. Due to the small nature of the drill bits, they often get worn out easily and quickly too. Whenever the drill bit gets worn out, it is usually replaced with a new one to continue the task. But what happens … Read more

How to Drill a Lock (7 DIY Steps)

How to Drill a Lock

A lock is a device used for keeping doors, windows, lid, and other types of entrance closed or fastened. It is operated by a key- whilst closing and opening. Locks could be electrical or mechanical and apart from keys, they could be operated with a fingerprint ID, keycard, security token, RFID card, and so on. … Read more

Corded vs Cordless Drills (7 Differences)

Corded vs Cordless Drills

Drills are one of the most important and versatile tools in woodworking, metal works, and other construction projects. It is used at construction sites and industrial areas by experts in the field and used by homeowners for DIY projects. From drilling nails to removing rust from surfaces, making holes and so on, drills are sure … Read more

5 Best Cordless Drills – Complete Any Project You Want!

Best Cordless Drills

Buying a new and competent cordless drill can often be overwhelming. If you are starting with these pieces of devices, you’ll quickly notice that the market is filled with tons of drills with different models and makers. But which do you go for? The past decade has recorded an enormous improvement in cordless drills. Many … Read more

How to Drill Into A Stud (5 Steps)

How to Drill Into A Stud

Drilling through the solid hard part of the wall to ensure the items are fixed; can be strenuous. For a first-timer, it may seem impossible since you have to drill a hole through the firm part of the wall. The rigid sections on the walls; studs are made in different materials; they may be metallic … Read more

How to Drill Through Granite (8 Steps Guide)

How to Drill Through Granite

Granite is a material that is both attractive and durable. This tough and extremely strong natural stone is ideal for countertops. Granite counters are increasingly popular with homeowners, homebuilders, and high-end building projects. They are available in a variety of elegant colors and intricate patterns and finishes. This aesthetic boost makes this an upscale material … Read more

How to Drill Into Concrete Without a Hammer Drill?

How to Drill Into Concrete Without a Hammer Drill

So you’ve chosen your next home project. It’s a big DIY, but you’ve done many jobs before, so you’re already prepared with all the necessary tools. However, this time you need to do something you have not done before– drill into concrete! You have your regular drill, but you may believe that you need a … Read more

Impact Drivers vs Drills (8 Differences Explained)

Impact Drivers vs Drills

There are many hand-held power tools, but what makes each different apart from their main use is if they can be converted to another tool for a brief period. With no doubt, these two tools are useful and common in every workshop/tool shed. It might be a bit hectic for beginners and amateurs to note … Read more

Screw Gun vs Drill (10 Differences Explained)

Screw Gun vs Drill

If you work with metals, or you install fittings, a drill and screw gun are two major tools you would be using. One common mistake people make when comparing a drill and screw gun is that they think they both serve the same purposes. Truly, they might be similar in some aspects but at the … Read more

Brushed vs Brushless Drill (4 Differences Explained)

Brushed vs Brushless Drill

A drill is a power tool used for making round holes or driving fasteners. It is normally used during metal works, woodworks, and construction. There are different types of drills available in the power tools market that you might wonder what exactly sets them all apart. Well, we cannot give you all that information on … Read more

5 Best Drill Presses (Make Holes Like a Pro)

Best Drill Presses

Designed as upright table-top or free-standing tools, drill press machines are used to make holes in a variety of hard surfaces. An essential woodworking and metalworking tool for do-it-yourselfers, craftspeople, and construction workers alike, drill presses are popular for their quality precision and time-saving features.  Top models on the market today include:  DEWALT DWE1622K Evolution … Read more

Drill Press Vs Mill (4 Differences Explained)

Drill Press Vs Mill

Drill press and milling machine are one of the most fundamental machines when it comes to working in a mechanical workshop. Both machines are used primarily to cut metals and perform cutting operations like drilling, boring, reaming, grinding and surfacing, etc. But the working principles are quite different for a drill press and a milling … Read more

Drill vs Dremel (6 Differences Explained)

Drill vs Dremel

Once in a while, there is always the need to grind metal or shape wood, drill holes and sharpen tools. This can be done by mechanical equipment like a handheld saw or with a rotary tool. A rotary tool is the one to go for if you are interested in cutting down time spent on … Read more

How to Drill Through Tile (Porcelain & Ceramic)

How to Drill Through Tile

A lot of people worry about drilling through tile. Rightly so, it’s difficult. For an amateur, it might seem like any drill would instantly shatter a tile. If you cut corners or make a mistake, you could be replacing at least one tile and still have no drilled hole. Learning the proper technique on how … Read more

How To Drill Into Metal (& Avoid Overheating)

How To Drill Into Metal

Drilling through metal appears scarier than it is. Despite being a tough and resilient material, you will need fewer specialist bits that drilling through tile or minerals like quartz. If you’re lucky, you might even have bought a drill bit that is perfectly capable of going metal when you bought your drill in a set. … Read more

How to Drill Into Brick (DIY Guide)

If you want to hang something out, or even make a big hole in the brick then you need to use a drill. Drilling through bricks can be messy, especially if the bricks are old enough. To avoid any failure of the project, and get the best results possible we suggest you read our guide that we made where we explain how to drill into brick.

Drilling through bricks can be terrifying. Not only are they the cornerstone of your home, but they seem to be fairly fragile if they are especially old. New bricks can stand up to plenty of punishment, but these old, original bricks in my house seem like they might crumble away. Is it safe to even … Read more

How to Drill a Hole in Glass (Full DIY Guide)

How to Drill a Hole in Glass

Shattered glass. A glassworker’s greatest nightmare. And, if you’ve ever worked with glass, not something particularly rare. You need to be extremely careful with glass, especially when you are drilling. Drills have a reputation as tools to break through tough, hardy materials. So why are we using them to cut through something as fragile as … Read more

How To Drill Plastic (Without Breaking It)

How To Drill Plastic

Learning how to drill plastic without breaking it is possible but you need to use the right drill bits. Using incorrect drill bits with plastic can lead to rough edges. Rough edges lead to cracks and chips, ruining the job at hand. If you need to drill through plastic, proper preparation is key. You need … Read more

How To Drill Through Quartz (Full Guide)

How To Drill Through Quartz

Quartz is a brilliant material for making worktops, floors, and walls. It can be just as strong and resistant to damage as a granite top, as well as being a fantastic-looking finish. Getting a beautiful finish for a kitchen installation is easy with quartz – it doesn’t require sealing and can actually look cleaner and … Read more

How to Drill Through Rock (Make a Hole)

How to Drill Through Rock

Rocks are everywhere. They are available and cheap for making excellent installations, from worktops to more specialist pieces of equipment. A well-treated piece of rock can be just as good as more expensive materials in the right hands. However, not everyone knows how to drill through rock. As the rock is so hard, it can … Read more