Can You Use a Heat Gun on Vinyl Cladding: 7 Reasons [For Safety]

Can You Use a Heat Gun on Vinyl Cladding

A heat gun might seem the simplest and fastest way to repair or remove vinyl cladding, but it could deteriorate it instead. Despite being made from plastic resin known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl cladding could warp, melt, discolor, and even have warranties not honored if excessively heated. To maintain the top condition of your … Read more

Steam Gun VS Heat Gun on Vinyl: 6 Major Factors [Covered]

Steam Gun VS Heat Gun on Vinyl

Regarding crafting and creating, vinyl graphic is an incredibly versatile material for anyone looking to customize or create unique items. But what are the differences between using a steam gun or a heat gun when working with vinyl? At first glance, it may look like both steam guns and heat guns do the same job. … Read more

How To Choose The Perfect Heat Gun? – Buying Guide

how to choose the perfect heat gun for your needs?

You may think that heat guns are not very important and only people who need to use them on their daily basics buy them, but you would be surprised to know how many people buy heat guns and just leave them there because they know that they will be needing them soon. You can use … Read more

Heat Gun vs Hair Dryer: Do You Know The Difference?

Not a lot of people know the difference between a heat gun vs hair dryer. If you don't then don't worry. We have made a guide where we explained what these two tools are, how to use them, and their difference.

You may be asking: Can I use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun? I receive many questions and see many articles asking if a hair dryer can be used in place of a heat gun for certain applications such as shrink wrapping or paint drying. A hair dryer and a heat gun look … Read more

Heat Gun Safety Tips

heat gun safety tips

Heat guns are very important to have in your house. You never know when you are gonna need them, you can use them for a lot of things starting from shrinking, and a lot of other small projects, like replacing an iPhone screen. You can even use heat guns for paint stripping. The list is … Read more