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Angle Grinder vs. Oscillating Multi-Tool (5 Differences)

From time immemorial, it has not always been an easy task making a pick between an angle grinder and oscillating multi-tool. As both can be used for grinding, polishing, and scrapping during construction works. However, regardless of the similarities between both power tools, they are still distinct when some other factors are considered. These tools … Read more

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Angle Grinder Vs. Circular Saw: Which One Is Better(and Why?)

Angle Grinder and Circular Saw are excellent by-products of human engineering that enable constructors, plumbers, carpenters, and others to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. Their purpose is to cut through various objects without needing any other conventional tool. Both the angle grinder and circular saw may seem similar to one another, and their purpose … Read more

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Reciprocating Saws vs. Angle Grinders: 5 Differences Explained

Ready for your first demolition project but confused about whether to use a reciprocating saw or an angle grinder? You’re not alone. Many beginners and DIYers face this problem so we decided to give a permanent solution to this dilemma. While you may think both these tools are equally capable of breaking down metal objects, … Read more

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Grinder vs. Sander: Who’s Better (And Why)?: Learn Their 5 Differences

When it comes to working with surfaces, especially floors, then sanders and grinders are the most used tools.  A lot of people don’t know the difference between a grinder vs sander. So, they call both of these tools “sanders”. But, here’s the difference: Sanders are only used to sand, while grinders with the right attachments … Read more

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