The Perkins Brunt Boots: The Most Durable Work Boots on the Market


When looking for the best men’s work boots on the market, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Every man has different needs, styles, and preferences when it comes to their footwear. But there are a few factors that are universally important when it comes to choosing the right pair of work boots.  How to Shop for Men’s … Read more

Brunt Marin Boots: The Ultimate in Protection and Comfort


The BRUNT Workwear company has been getting a lot of buzz lately. I was intrigued by their story and wanted to try out their boots, so I got a pair of the Brunt Marin Boots to review.  First off, the construction of the boots is top-notch. The leather is thick, tough, and durable, but still … Read more