Reciprocating Saw Vs. Circular Saw- Differences & Similarities

When it comes to these two great power tools, there are many differences. The first and most obvious one is the body style. There are a lot of more differences between reciprocating saw vs circular saw.

The purpose of a reciprocating saw and a circular saw is almost the same (cutting through different materials). Still, they have unique features that make them more suitable for specific tasks. But how can you determine which saw best aligns with your cutting needs? To determine that, we’re here comparing reciprocating saw vs. circular saw.  … Read more

9 Circular Saw Uses – What Can You Use it For?

Circular Saw Uses

When it comes to woodworking and steelwork, there are tons of power saws that you will come across. But there is hardly any as common or as widely-used as the circular saw. The circular saw due to its power and versatility can be used for several tasks ranging from making simple straight cuts to making … Read more

Circular Saw vs Skill Saw (Do You Need Both?)

Circular Saw vs Skill Saw

If you have any experience with woodworking either as a professional carpenter or a DIYer, then chances are you might have heard of the circular saw and the skill saw. You might have seen or used one or both yourself. Both saws are very much identical in their build, structure, and functions. This then makes … Read more

Circular Saw vs Jigsaw (7 Differences Explained)

Circular Saw vs Jigsaw

Either you are a woodworker that is just starting your woodworking journey or you are a DIYer who is looking for a power saw to tackle home improvement projects, one thing is for sure. You need a power saw that is convenient to use. When it comes to picking your first power saw as a … Read more

How to Rip Narrow Boards With a Circular Saw? (5 Simple Steps)

How to Rip Narrow Boards With a Circular Saw

Cutting with a circular saw can be challenging at the best of times, especially for beginners. They can easily slip and cause all kinds of issues for people who aren’t used to dealing with the power of the tool. This difficulty becomes even worse when trying to deal with narrow boards which the circular saw … Read more

How to Cut Plexiglass With a Circular Saw? (9 Step Guide)

How to Cut Plexiglass With a Circular Saw

With uses from lenses for glasses to windows and picture frames to tables, plexiglass is an extremely versatile material that we find everywhere around us today. But knowing how to cut it can be difficult. With the correct tools and set up, you can get clean, professional cuts for a product that you and your … Read more

How to Cut Plywood With a Circular Saw? (7 Step Guide)

How to Cut Plywood With a Circular Saw

Plywood is a hugely versatile material that is used for a wide variety of projects. Cutting plywood with a circular saw is one of the easiest ways to get a smooth, professional look for your project. Plywood splinters and chips relatively easily and can leave you with a poorly finished product if you don’t know … Read more

Angle Grinder Vs. Circular Saw: Which One Is Better(and Why?)

Angle Grinder Vs. Circular Saw

Angle Grinder and Circular Saw are excellent by-products of human engineering that enable constructors, plumbers, carpenters, and others to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. Their purpose is to cut through various objects without needing any other conventional tool. Both the angle grinder and circular saw may seem similar to one another, and their purpose … Read more

How To Change a Circular Saw Blade (8 Easy Steps)

After a time, you have to replace the circular saw blade. Usually when your blade is dull, or it doesn't make a good cut then you have to change the blade. Knowing how to change a circular saw blade is an art itself. But, to do that you have to follow a guide. Lucikly for you, we have made a guide that you can easily learn how to replace a circular saw blade.

I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure I can’t enjoy using my circular saw with a blunt or wrong blade. The circular saw is a versatile cutting tool that fits the term “power tool.” The saw packs enough power that makes it suited for pruning large branches and cutting tough materials like concrete … Read more

Plunge Saw vs. Circular Saw: Do You Need Both?

A plunge saw and a circular saw look very similar. They both have a circular blade that cuts through anything. But, these two are different tools. There are many differences between the plunge saw vs circular saw, but the main one is the power. While the plunge saw make more accurate and clean cuts, the circular saw has more power.

Both the circular saw and the plunge saw are power tools that can cut through just about any plank, log, or wooden material.  Common questions are:  “what is the difference between a circular saw and a plunge saw?” or “which one of these saws is better?” or “can I use one in place of other” … Read more

How To Cut Concrete Blocks With a Circular Saw (8 Steps)

You can cut concrete with different tools -- one of them is the circular saws. Knowing how to cut concrete blocks with circular saws will help you save a lot of time and money. The process is easy, there are 8 steps included.

Concrete blocks are usually made with gravel and cement which make them hard. Cutting cleanly through concrete blocks is not a task that can be executed with just any saw or power tool. The circular saw however is one tool that can cleanly cut through concrete easily, leaving you with desired and accurate results. Though … Read more

How To Cut 2×4 With a Circular Saw (5 Easy Steps)

Knowing how to cut 2x4 with a circular saw will improve your woodworking skills. The process is easy and very necessary. You can build almost anything with a 2x4 lumber.

Hi! Are you planning on building a piece of furniture using a 2×4 lumber? Or maybe you are interested in learning how to cut a 2×4 lumber with a circular saw. If your answer is yes, you will love to read this post. What is a 2×4 lumber? A 2×4 (2 inches by 4 inches) … Read more

How to Cut Aluminium With a Circular Saw (3 Easy Steps)

Circular saws can be used for a lot of things. Among others, they can also be used to cut aluminum. Learning how to cut aluminum with a circular saw isn't hard but you still need a guide to follow.

Circular saws are among favorites when it comes to saws, the reason why is because they are a portable tool, that can cut straight or angular lines fast and efficiently, they can cut among various materials. Mostly circular saws are used to cut through wood, but sometimes circular saws are also used to cut through … Read more

Circular Saw vs Table Saw: Do You Know The Difference?

The circular saw and the table saw are used a lot by woodworkers. If you are a professional you can use one for the other job. If you are not then you have to own these two. The main difference between the circular saw vs table saw is the body. The circular saw comes with a portable body while the table saw comes with a stationary body.

Either you are a professional carpenter or a DIYer who fancies woodworking, one tool you can’t do without is a power saw. For every woodworking project, you need a power saw to make cuts. However, getting one can prove to be tricky as there are tons of power saws out there to choose from. Two … Read more