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Best Carpenter’s Axe: Reviews & Buyers Guide

Carpenter’s axes are versatile, multi-purpose woodworking and construction tools.  They are most often found in woodworking shops, campgrounds, construction sites, and industrial settings but also make a good all-in-one axe for average homeowners.  Carpenter’s axes are sometimes also called rigger’s axes and camper’s axes and are designed to be used with one hand, although two … Read more

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Best Hatchets for Kindling: Find The One That Fits Your Needs

If you are looking for the best tool for splitting kindling then hatchets are your answer. Hatchets are an important tool for every house and woodshop.  Hatchets are also a great tool for camping and backpacking.  Having a hatchet can help you a lot in your woodworking projects, especially in kindling. But, choosing a quality … Read more

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