9 Circular Saw Uses – What Can You Use it For?

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When it comes to woodworking and steelwork, there are tons of power saws that you will come across. But there is hardly any as common or as widely-used as the circular saw.

The circular saw due to its power and versatility can be used for several tasks ranging from making simple straight cuts to making intricate cuts. It can also be used to cut several materials ranging from wood to metal and even masonry.

So how does the circular saw work? What type of cuts can a circular saw make? And even more importantly, what are circular saws used for? This post is going to answer all of these questions.

How Do Circular Saws Work?

The circular saw works by rotating its blade. As the blade spins, it cuts the material. It’s that simple.

Circular saws like most other power saws are also powered by a motor. The motor of the circular saw spins the blade at impressive speeds of up to 6000RPM (revolutions per minute). The smaller 6-inch blades can reach speeds of over 600RPM while the bigger and heavier blades might not reach 3500RPM.

The motor of the circular saw spins the blade while the blade cuts the material. The circular saw can be carried by hand and then used to cut the material and it can also be mounted on a table or a machine to cut the material.

The circular saw also has other components like the dust extractor, the ripping fence, the blade guard, and the likes. All of these play important roles in the functioning of the circular saw. However, the main part of the circular saw that controls its movement is the motor. So, what can you use the circular saw for? Keep reading to find out.

What is the Circular Saw Used for?

Circular saws have tons of uses and a blade for almost every use. Let’s check out some of the uses of a circular saw.


Circular saws are one of the few handheld saws that can be used to resaw. Resawing means cutting a larger log or wood into a smaller one. It takes power and speed to resaw logs and timber and the circular saw has both.

To resaw a log or wood, you will need to attach a thick blade. The size of the blade will depend on the size of the log you want to resaw. Most circular saws use the 10-inch blade or the 12-inch blade to resaw logs. Sawmills also use circular saws to resaw forest timbers and logs.

You can even use circular saws to cut wood to be used in your fireplace. Resawing a log means to cut clean through a log or to divide a log,

For Straight Cuts

T0his is perhaps the easiest and most common use of the circular saw. Circular saws can make straight cuts on virtually any material as long as you use the right blade.

You can make straight cuts with a circular saw. You need a few extra tools, but it's doable.

Circular saws can make straight cuts on wood, metal, concrete, masonry, tiles, and so on. Not only can circular saws make straight cuts, but they also make these cuts with a good deal of accuracy.

For Making Intricate Cuts

When working with wood, you will occasionally need to make intricate cuts. Intricate cuts are cuts needed to join angles, corners, edges, and the likes. Intricate cuts are usually difficult to make but not with circular saws.

Not every power saw can make intricate cuts but circular saws can. With a circular saw, you can make angled cuts and curved cuts too.

In the hands of an experienced professional, a circular saw can even be used to make miter cuts and bevel cuts. You can also mount the circular saw on a table or a machine to make the needed intricate cut. There aren’t many other power saws that can do this.

For Construction Work

Circular saws can also be used for construction work. The power of the circular saw makes it possible for the saw to cut even the thickest of materials.

As long as you use the right blade with the circular saw, you can cut steel, wood, concrete, masonry, and other materials used in construction. This is why you see circular saws at construction sites.

Circular saws can also be used for demolition work. If you need a powerful saw to tear down walls, pillars, and the likes, a circular saw will work just fine.

For Cutting Boards and Wooden Sheets

Not every power saw can cut wooden boards and sheets like plywood. Only a handful of power saws can do this with ease and the circular saw is one of those elite power saws. With most other power saws, you will need to cut the board, flip it and then cut it again.

One of the things you can use a circular saw for is to cut wooden sheets. Circular saws do a very good job when it comes to woodworking.

This is because wooden sheets like plywood are usually too large and broad for most power saws to cut easily. Circular saws can cope with the large size of the wooden board.

As long as you use the right blade and the wooden sheet is properly pinned down, the circular saw can cut it in one go with a good deal of accuracy. It is easy to cut long and broadsheets with circular saws.

For Rough Cutting

Circular saws can also be used for rough cutting. Rough cuts are cuts that don’t require a good deal of accuracy or precision.

Circular saws are usually used for rough cutting on wood and other materials. Circular saw blades with fewer teeth are used for rough cutting. For instance, a circular saw blade with 24 teeth will give you a rough cut.

For Cutting Metal

Circular saws are also used to cut metal such as brass, bronze, and steel. To cut metal, circular saws are usually attached with thin blades because thin blades have more teeth. The circular saw might need a diamond blade to cut some other tough materials like concrete and bricks.

Using larger circular saw blades to cut metal will ruin the metal and it can lead to injuries. This is because you need a fine blade with many teeth to cut metal.

Thicker blades will have fewer teeth and wouldn’t be able to cut the metal. When attached with the right blade, circular saws can cut any metal easily. This is why circular saws are popular among professionals that deal with metal and steel.

For Cutting Bricks, Concrete, and Masonry

Circular saws can also cut tough materials like concrete, masonry, bricks, and even tiles. To cut such materials, circular saws are usually attached with diamond cutting blades. Diamond blades can cut concrete and bricks easily.

For Making Bevel Cuts

Circular saws can make bevel cuts easily. Bevel cuts are cuts that have a slope, usually a horizontal slope. Bevel cuts are needed to join wood and other materials together.

They are also needed when dealing with corners and angles. For instance, you will need to make bevel cuts while working with some types of furniture.

With a quality circular saw, you can make bevel cuts easily on different materials. Circular saws are even good for making 45-degree bevel cuts on wood.


Circular saws are powerful and versatile power saws. You can use them for virtually any task or project that requires you to make cuts. Circular saws are so powerful that they can cut through solid concrete and they are also very gentle that they can cut light wood.

What matters with circular saws is the blade you are using with the saw. With the right blade, you can tackle virtually any cutting task.

There are also many brands out there to pick from. Circular saws have been in existence since the 18th century so you can be sure to get a brand or model that will be affordable and one that will suit your task.

Just ensure to follow the instructions guiding the use of the circular saw you buy. The instructions will prevent injuries and they will ensure you get good cutting results

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