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What Types Of Paint Can You Use For Your Paint Sprayer?

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I have mentioned it earlier that a lot of people do not know the differences between HVLP spray gun and LVLP spray gun. A big mistake people do is that they buy the wrong spray gun.

Even though their name looks almost the same, they are used for different tasks. Buying the wrong spray gun for a job usually makes people think that spray guns are not worth it. That’s why it’s important to know for what objects you are gonna use spray gun before buying one.

Every tool around the market including spray guns have their own user manual. There’s no need to say that almost no one reads them, and there’s no need to say that if you read them you will realize how much they help.

So, if you are planning on buying a spray gun and you don’t know which one you should get, then I recommend you to read this post and other posts so you can fully understand the differences between spray guns and for what they are used.

Of course that you still can use the same spray gun for different objects, but needless to say that it will take you more time if you are using the wrong spray gun, and the color quality won’t be as good as the right spray gun.  And you will probably end up spending a lot of money ( if you buy a big spray gun for a small task).

Different Types Of Paint For Spray Guns

Using Automotive Paints For Car Painting

Automotive Paints

If you are planning on spraying your car then LVLP spray gun is what you need. A big reason why people tend to use LVLP spray guns when they are spraying their car is because of their color quality.

If you read our post on how to use LVLP spray guns to paint your car you will know that in order to spray your car you will have to spray parts of the car individually. Therefore you need a spray gun that is good at thin paintings.

Since LVLP spray gun is much easier to atomize thin materials and they do not need a lot of pressure in order to use them, this helps a lot in thinner painting because thinner paintings don’t need a lot of power if you compare to thicker paintings.



Some old objects tend to have almost all of their color vanished, so if you just start to spray them with a spray gun, the color quality will not be good.

A lot of people before spraying with the “real” color, use a primer color which will help to get a better color quality. Most people use roller painters since the primer color quality doesn’t matter too much because it will be covered by a lot of different painting anyway.

But if you are a perfectionist ( just like me), you will want even the primer to have a good color quality. If you want the primer to have a good color quality you will have to use LVLP spray guns.

And the best thing about using LVLP spray gun for primer color is that you don’t need any experience with spray guns in order to do it, plus using spray guns for primer color will only help you get better with spray guns. Primers are good especially when you are using home paint sprayers.



While we all know that latex painting is really thick, that doesn’t mean we can’t use LVLP spray gun in order to spray them.

Of course, there are better spray guns for this kind of object, but if you are stuck with an LVLP spray gun and you do not have the budget to buy a bigger spray gun ( such as HVLP spray gun ) then you can totally use LVLP unites for latex paint.

Clearly, you will spend a lot more time with LVLP spray guns that you would with other spray guns because latex painting needs a lot of different paint layers in order to get a good color quality.



Trying to paint something with lacquers is really hard, especially if you don’t have the right tools to do it. A few years ago people used roller brushes to apply lacquers on different objects, let’s just say the color quality wasn’t really good, or anything near to good.

But at that time roller painters were the only tools you could use to paint objects. Things have changed nowadays. You now can use spray guns to paint an object with lacquers. And the best thing is that you do not need much experience. But you can’t expect a good color quality if you haven’t already been using a spray gun for a few months. Check paint sprayers vs paint rollers differences.


Water-based paints

People use spray guns for different objects and tasks so that means you need different paint for each object or task, one of the most common materials people use for spray guns are water-based paints.

A lot of people still use roller brushes when they are dealing with water-based paints, that’s not wrong, you can still use roller painters for such things as painting your wall inside your home and some different surfaces, but if you decide to use roller painters you have to keep in mind that it will take a really long time for you to complete the job, you will get tired, and to get a good color quality you need to have a big experience with roller painters.

In the other hand if you decide to use HVLP Spray Guns for wood then you will complete the job a lot faster, the color quality will be perfect and you don’t need any experience with spray guns to get good results.

And even if you lack experience there are many different Youtube videos and posts that will help you get better at spray guns. You can even read my other posts for spray guns.

LVLP spray guns are a really great option because even an average person who has never used any spray gun or painted anything can fully remodel their house without spending a lot of money on professionals. But if you can’t figure out how spray guns work and if tried them and didn’t get the expected results then it’s better to hire a professional to remodel your house.

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We're a team of engineers, contractors, technicians, and woodworking experts who use power tools daily and share fact-based information, tips, and recommendations. At thetoolgeeks.com, we debunk myths about power tools and share methods to use them effectively.

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