Axes are very helpful and easy to use. You can use them for a lot of stuff, you can use them for camping, to chop firewood, for kindling, etc. The possibilities are endless.  Basically, an ax is a hand tool that helps you complete a lot of woodworking projects without the need for electricity or gasoline.  

Axes come with a handle and a blade. The handle is used to hold the ax and helps you put more energy into the swinging motion, while the blade uses the force from the swing to cut through wood. It is a powerful tool so you will have to be careful while using it. 

Like a lot of tools, there are low-quality axes and high-quality axes. Most of the low-quality axes tend to break after a few uses and it's best to avoid them.  Since I have seen a lot of people buying low-quality axes I have decided to review different axes for multiple tasks and show you the top ones in each category. 

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The ax is not a toy, you need to be careful while using it, I have seen a lot of people get hurt themselves. That's why we have decided that except for reviewing a lot of axes daily and posting the top 5 list for you for free, we have also made a lot of guides to help you understand how an ax work and how to use it safely. 

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