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Axes have been around for a very long time. They have been around even before written language was developed. This tool has been used by stone age man for different things. Mostly for protection and starting a fire. Only a few tools have survived for such a long period of time.

Even that there a lot of time has passed, people still use axes daily, and do you know why? Because they do a great job.

Although the design has changed a little and there have been created different types of axes, the basic design is still there, every ax comes with a handle and with a sharp blade.  The job of the ax has changed too, a lot of years before this tool has been used mostly for protection and fighting, but nowadays the ax is only used for chopping trees and kindling, but you still can use it as a weapon.

Using the ax isn’t hard, but I have seen a lot of people do simple things wrong and ignoring a lot of important things. That’s why today we have decided to make an article that will show you exactly how to use an ax before starting to chop down those trees.

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3 Steps You Need To Do Before Starting To Use Axes

1. Check the ax before starting

This step should be done for every tool and not for axes only. Before starting to work with tools make sure to check their condition.  A normal ax should be sharp and heavy, this combination can lead to a lot of injuries if you are not careful enough.

The first thing you need to check is the head of the ax, make sure that the head is secured and it doesn’t feel loose. You don’t want a sharp blade to be moving around, right? No, that’s why make sure to double-check the head before starting.

Once you are sure that the head isn’t loose then you have to check the handle. The handle should not be wet or contain anything that can make the ax to slip from your hands, if the handle shows any sign of damage or if you can feel that the handle can easily break then you should not be using that ax until you get a new handle.

Once you are done check the ax, then you need to check yourself too. It is recommended to wear strong work boots that will protect your feet plus prevent you from slipping while working, avoid loose clothes because they can get in the way while working, and if you have long hair then it is recommended to tie them up before working because they can block your view.

2. Check The Workplace

It is recommended to work outside. Although working inside a garage isn’t that bad, you just have to keep a distance between the chopping area and everything else, the recommended space is 2-3 m.

Before starting to work you should cover the area with plastic material, that makes it easier for you to clean the mess you made. You should never chop wood directly from the ground, you should have a chopping block or something else and you will have to put the wood you are trying to chop on top of that. That makes it easier for you to get the job done.

3. Master The Swing

When it comes to swings, the most important thing you need to be is accurate.  Strength is also important, but without accuracy strength means nothing. Powerful swings will do nothing if after every swing you are hitting a different part of the wood. To have better accuracy you need to hold the ax correctly.

While holding the ax, the dominant hand should be at the top of the handle, it is recommended to place the hand 2-3 inches away from the head. The less dominant hand should be holding the end of the handle. Make sure that the grip is strong to prevent the ax from slipping, but not strong enough to prevent the dominant hand to meet your the other hand while swinging. 

Always keep the eyes on the target to be more accurate. At first, the swings need to be controlled, meaning that you should not put a lot of power behind your swings, once you have mastered the accuracy part then you make start adding more power and more speed.

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Final Words

These are the three top things you need to do before starting to work with axes, they are simple things but you have to do them every time you start working with axes, especially the safety part.  If you are careful enough, chopping wood can be fun and also can help you relieve a lot of stress.

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