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Best Spray Guns For Plasti Dip – Give Your Car A New Look!

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If you are looking to upgrade the appearance of your home or even your car then you need to use plasti dip. There are a lot of ways you can do that, but the best way is to use a spray gun.

There are many spray guns available, but only a few of them can deal with Plasti Dip. To help you avoid buying spray guns that can’t deal with plasti dip we have made a list that has the best spray guns for plasti dip.

Following our review, we have also made a buyer guide where we have listed all the important features you need to have when buying a plasti dip spray gun.

Product NameDetailsPrice

Wagner Spraytech 0529031

  • Hose: Supports 39ft. Hose
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DYC DipSprayer

  • Weight: Less Than 5 lbs
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  • Power: 800 W

REXBETI Ultimate-750

  • Power: 500 W
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Earlex HV5500

  • Power: 500 W
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Best Spray Guns For Plasti Dip

1. Wagner Spraytech 0529031 – Best Wagner Spray Gun For Plasti Dip

Best Features  Wagner Spraytech 0529031 Black MotoCoat Complete Car & Truck Paint Sprayer, Automotive Paint Spray...

  • X-Boost turbine
  • Two nozzles 
  • 39ft paint hose

More detailed review ↴

If you are looking for the best spray gun for plasti dip then the Wagner 0529031 is all you need.

What I like most about this spray gun is that it comes at an affordable price without compromising the quality.

This spray gun can spray anything from heavy truck bed coatings to light materials such as auto finishing paints. A big reason why I like this sprayer so much is the X-BOOST turbine.

The X-BOOST turbine gives the gun great atomization and enough power to spray anything without needing an air compressor. So, basically, all you need is this spray gun and the paint to start your project.

Except for the X-BOOST turbine, the spray gun also comes with two nozzles. The iSpray nozzle that is ideal for thicker materials and sprays wider, and the detail nozzle to give the surface a smoother finish.

On the downside, I find this sprayer very hard to clean. But the sprayer is easy to use, plus it comes with a 39 ft. paint hose.

What We Liked:

  •  X-BOOST – Gives the tool enough power and atomization to spray without an air compressor
  • Nozzles – You get two nozzles — detail & iSpray nozzle.
  • Hose – 39 ft. Hose
  • Adjustable – You can adjust the material flow and pattern directions.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Hard to clean 

2. DYC DipSprayer – Best Paint Sprayers For Plasti Dip

Best Features  DYC DipSprayer System (Plasti Dip Spray Gun)

  • Made for Plasti Dip
  • Lightweight 
  • 16.5ft paint hose.

More detailed review ↴

If you are looking for a spray gun that is specially made for plasti dip then you should check the DYC DipSprayer.

This plasti dip sprayer has an increased CFM and 50% more PSI than other normal spray guns, more PSI and CFM usually mean a smoother and high-quality finish, and that’s all you need for plasti dip.

One of the things I like most about this spray gun is the hose, the hose allows you to rotate the tool 360 degrees without twisting it and the hose is 16.5 ft long which allows you to move freely around the workplace.

With a 48 oz paint cup, this dip sprayer allows you to work longer without having to re-fill the paint. The sprayer is lightweight too, it weighs less than 5 pounds. The weight and the hose make this spray gun very portable.

On the downside, this spray gun is mostly made for plasti dip. You can use it for different projects — such as applying plasti dip to your car. But, if you are thinking to use the same sprayer for different painting projects such as painting your home, doors, etc, then I suggest you look at our other choices.

What We Liked:

  • Made for Plasti Dip – The sprayer is specially made for plasti dip projects. 
  • Hose – Allows you to rotate the sprayer. 
  • Portable – It comes with a 16.5 ft paint hose and weighs less than 5 pounds. 
  • Paint cup – Comes with a 48oz paint cup.

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Not versatile – Very good for plasti dip, not very good for other projects.

3. TACKLIFE SPG17AC – Best Sprayers For Plasti Dip

Best Features 

  • Powerful
  • Adjustable 
  • 3 Spray Patterns

More detailed review ↴

Another spray gun that is very good for plasti dip is the TACKLIFE SPG17AC.

What I like most about this sprayer is its motor. It comes with a very powerful 800W motor. Due to its motor, I have used it for different tasks and not only plasti dip. Sometimes it can even do the job an airless paint sprayer does.

This spray gun is adjustable – that means that you can change the spray pattern to horizontal, vertical, and round. It allows you to change the material flow, you can increase or decrease it based on your project. And you can also adjust the spray width.

This is somewhat a stationary sprayer, the body (a.k.a the motor) is separated from the spray gun and it stays at the ground. That means that you don’t have to carry the weight of the motor while you are spraying. This can help you work longer without fatigue.

The spray tips (or nozzles) come in three different sizes (1.0mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm). The first two are very good for thin paint, and the 2.5mm is mostly used for thicker paints such as latex.

On the downside, this sprayer isn’t recommended for thick paints. If you plan to use thick paint, then you have to thin it before.

What We Liked:

  • Powerful: Comes with 800 W of power. 
  • Adjustable: You can adjust the material flow and width. 
  • Spray patterns: Horizontal, vertical, and round. 
  • Lightweight: The weight of the motor stays on the ground. 
  • Easy to clean. 

What We Didn’t Like:

  • You have to thin the paint manually.

4. REXBETI Ultimate-750 – Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun

Best Features  REXBETI Ultimate-750 Paint Sprayer, High Power HVLP Home Electric Spray Gun, Lightweight, Easy...

  • Versatile
  • Powerful 
  • 6.6 ft paint hose

More detailed review ↴

If you are looking for a paint sprayer that you can use for most of your painting projects (including plasti dip) then the REXBETI paint sprayer is something you might want to checkout.

It comes with 500W of power which is more than enough for small and medium projects. As our previous sprayer, this one too can be adjusted. You can adjust the material flow speed and the spray patterns (horizontal, vertical, and round).

The sprayer is very easy to use, its beginner-friendly so you don’t need to have a lot of experience. The cleaning process is easy too, it comes with cleaning attachments that help you with that.

Overall a great paint sprayer, doesn’t weigh a lot (3.6 pounds), and comes with a 6.6 ft paint hose. The beauty of this sprayer is that it can be used for woodworking projects as well.

On the downside, this sprayer gets clogged very often.

What We Liked:

  • Powerful – It comes with 500W of power.
  • Adjustable – You can adjust the material flow and spray patterns. 
  • Easy to clean – It comes with cleaning attachments. 
  • Lightweight – It only weighs 3.6 pounds. 
  • Nozzles – Comes with 3 different nozzles (2.0, 2.5mm, and 3,0mm)

What We Didn’t Like:

  • The sprayer gets clogged a lot

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5. Earlex HV5500 – Best Plasti Dip Paint Sprayer

Best Features  Earlex HV5500 HVLP Spray Station Paint Sprayer for Woodworking and Furniture Refinishing, 2-Stage...

  • Powerful
  • 3 Spray Patterns 
  • Made for Homeowners

More detailed review ↴

The next paint sprayer on our list is the Earlex HV5500. When this sprayer arrived, it was very easy to set it up and start using it.

It comes with a two-stage 650W motor. The sprayer has 3 spray patterns – horizontal, vertical, and round. What I like most about this sprayer is that it allows you to change the material speed with your thumb, which helps to save time and work faster.

This sprayer shines when it comes to flexibility, it allows you to move around easily and spray overhead and down without a problem.

On the downside, this is an HVLP paint sprayer, these types of paint sprayers are known to overspray.

What We Liked:

  • Powerful: Two-stage 650W motor.
  • Spray patterns: Horizontal, vertical, and round. 
  • Easy to use:  It’s mostly made for homeowners.
  • Adjustable:  you can change the material flow speed with your thumb. 


  • HVLP System: The Sprayer uses an HVLP System, these types of sprayers are known for overspraying.

Best Paint Sprayers For Plasti Dip – Buyers Guide

When shopping for a spray gun for plasti dip you will see a lot of different models. A lot of these spray gun units come with unique features.

Some of the features are cool, but that doesn’t mean that they are necessary. Usually, the more features a spray gun has the more it costs. To avoid paying extra money for something you need, we made this buyer guide where we will list all the features you actually need for plasti dip.

If you need a spray gun for several projects and not only for plasti dip, then you should go for the one that comes with a lot of features. If not, then here are the features you actually need for plasti dip:

Pressure Regulator

Before buying a spray gun you need to be sure that it has a pressure regulator.  A pressure regulator allows you to adjust the pressure to match the project you are working on, it also gives you full control.  This is a must-have, if the sprayer you want to buy isn’t adjustable then I suggest you look somewhere else.

Plasti Dip Container Size

There’s a lot of debate about this, but I recommend buying a spray gun that comes with a large container. That is because you will be able to complete the project faster because you don’t have to re-fill the container often.

The downside about this is that a large container means that the sprayer will be heavier while working. On the other hand. a small container means that the spray gun doesn’t weigh as much. but you need to re-fill the container often. The choice is yours.


Regardless of the project that you will be working on, you need a spray gun that can be used for different tasks.

Right now maybe you only need to spray plasti dip, but what about tomorrow? If you are investing in a spray gun then it’s a good idea to get the best you can.

Spray guns are very important tools to have around your house, especially when you are doing renovations.

Find a sprayer that can be used for different projects such as woodworking projects and not only plasti dip. This will save you a lot of money in the future.


The more warranty a spray gun has the better. While working with spray guns we may accidentally drop the spray gun or it can slip from different objects, that’s why it is always important to have a guaranteed warranty.

A one or two-year warranty is the best, but if there’s more then that’s okay too.  If you will be using your spray gun for heavy-duty projects then a warranty is a must-have.

Usually, the warranty length tells you how much the manufacturer cares about its clients and tools.


If you are a professional that means that you will be holding the spray gun for a lot of hours daily. Choosing a spray gun that is below 4 pounds will save you a lot of pain.

As we mentioned earlier, a spray gun with a large container usually weighs more. Always check the overall weight of the spray gun before buying it.

There’s nothing more annoying than when you are trying to reach a hard-to-reach corner but you can’t because the sprayer is heavy or big. Always go for lighter and smaller sprayers if you will be dealing with difficult corners.

Sprayer Type

Before choosing a sprayer it’s best to know the area you will be working on. Some sprayers are good for cars, some are good for woodworking and some are good for both.

If you are planning to use the sprayer for more than plasti dip then having a versatile spray gun is important.

There are a lot of different sprayer types such as airless spray guns, HVLP paint sprayers, etc.  Knowing which one to pick will save you a lot of money and time.

After you list the things that you will be using the sprayer on, then go and do your own research to find which one of these sprayers will give you better results.

Best Plasti Dip Spray Gun – F.A.Q

If you are in a hurry, here are some of the frequently asked questions.

Can You Spray Plasti Dip With Hvlp Spray Gun?

Yes, you can use HVLP spray guns. Actually, HVLP spray guns are the most used ones when it comes to plasti dip. They are fast, don’t use a lot of pressure, and deliver a great finish quality.

How Long Does Plasti Dip Last?

In my experience, plasti dip usually lasts up to 3 years, but there are a lot of factors that determine that. First, you need to properly apply it, if you don’t then it won’t last as much.

The other things that you need to focus on when applying plasti dip are – the number of coatings and the temperature. Moreover, it depends where you apply it. If you do apply plasti dip in your car then you can expect a longer lifespan.

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Can you Plasti Dip over Plasti Dip?

Yes, but not always. The only time that you can apply two plasti dip is when the original plasti dip is in a perfect condition.

If the original plasti dip isn’t even then when you add the other Plasti dip, you will see some curves on the new Plasti dip.  If that’s the case, then it’s better to remove the damaged plasti dip and add the new one.

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What Is Plasti Dip?

Plasti dip is a rubber coating that is mostly used for tool handles. But lately, a lot of people started using plasti dip for their car.

You can use plastic dip for your wheels too. But, wheels face different conditions than your car. So you have to exceed a shorter life span.

How Many Coats of Plasti Dip Should I Apply?

The rule of thumbs is — the more the better. Surfaces (such as your car) go through different conditions. These types of surfaces can benefit more from multi coats.

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We're a team of engineers, contractors, technicians, and woodworking experts who use power tools daily and share fact-based information, tips, and recommendations. At thetoolgeeks.com, we debunk myths about power tools and share methods to use them effectively.

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