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Dewalt D26960 Heat Gun Review

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You probably know already that heat guns are really important tools to have in your house especially if you do a lot of house fixing. But just like a lot of other tools, there are low-quality tools and high-quality tools. Even tools like heat guns can be broken really easily if it’s from a low-quality company.

But today we won’t be talking about low-quality companies but instead, we will talk about high-quality companies that produce heat guns. And, one of them is DeWalt. As we know, almost, if not all, DeWalt tools are quality. Today we will write about Dewalt D26960 Heat Gun Review

Since I work a lot with heat guns, I have had the chance to work with a lot of different models. And as you know on all my reviews, Dewalt models are always on top three. And there’s a reason behind that … because they are quality!

DEWALT D26960 Heat Gun Review

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  • Durable
  • Easy To Use
  • LCD Display


More detailed review

Why do I like this heat gun and what makes it special? Easy, because I can use it for almost anything! I have used it for different tasks, starting from removing paint to wrapping shrink and still works like a beast!

I know there are a lot of other heat guns that you can use for different things too, but the difference is that even if you use this model for a long time you don’t have to be worried about not working the next time.

The Pros And The Cons of The Best DeWalt Heat Gun


LCD Display

This feature could not miss on this model, I have used a lot of different heat gun models and I can tell you that heat guns with LCD display are the best ones you can ever have. To be honest, a very big reason why I bought this model for the first time was because of the simple LCD display that it owns.

At first, I thought why could I possibly need a digital heat gun with LCD Display? But later I found out that its actually the best feature a heat gun can have. If you don’t already know, the LCD display shows the temperature that the heat gun is blowing at that very moment.

This is really helpful if you are working on sensitive objects. The LCD display on this model is at the top, which makes it easier to look at the temperature without moving the tool.

But just seeing what temperature is the heat gun flowing won’t actually help you to do the job faster or easier. That’s why there’s another feature called “Temperature Control”

Temperature Control

According to its name, you can possibly get what this feature allows you to do! It lets you control the temperature.
That’s right, it lets you choose what temperature you want the heat gun to blow …

Are you tired by overheating objects because you can only choose 2 different temperature ranges with basic heat guns? If yes, then this model is for you.

This feature allows you to increase or decrease the temperature by just clicking two buttons, “+” or “-“. In this model, the temperature adjustment is 50 degrees. 

Build-in-overload protection

Remember when I said that usually, low-quality heat guns tend to stop working the next time if you use them too much? There’s a reason behind that. Since heat guns blow a lot of hot air that makes parts inside to get overheated.

But, there’s a solution to this and its called “Build-in-overload protection”. This feature basically stops the parts inside to get overheated by shutting down the heat gun automatically if that situation ever comes, which saves the heat gun from getting unworkable.

This feature is the main reason why today heat guns last longer, and of course, this model has it too, actually, everything I’m listing are parts of this DeWalt heat gun model.

Built-in innovative kickstand support

Usually, when I’m fixing stuff at home, I do it all alone. This makes things harder since I only can use one hand to hold the object because with the other hand I’m holding the heat gun. Imagine if you could use two hands while working with heat guns … Well, you can!

All this, thanks to the great design that this model has. I just put it on its back since it has a lot of stability, and hold the object with both of my hand on top of the tool. Easy as that!

I have used many heat guns and some other models say that they provide stability, but I ended up destroying two tables because the heat gun fell over and it took me a while to put the object I was holding down and then picking up the heat gun.

We all know that heat can destroy things really fast. But, now with this model, I have found my peace.

Also, since the LCD display is at the top of this heat gun, I find it very easy to see the temperature without having to move the heat gun once I put it down.

Heats fast and has a big temperature range

When I first bought this heat gun I have counted how fast it heats up. And it’s really fast. For 18 seconds it heated up to 600 degrees. It helps if you are in a hurry. The temperature range that it provides goes from 150 degrees to 1100 degrees.

You can use this model for almost everything since it provides a big temperature range plus you can adjust the temperature.

Of course, there are a lot of other features that this model offers. But I have listed only the features I mostly use. And let me tell you that they make a big difference and help you get the job done faster and safer.

But, even that this is the best heat gun I have ever worked with, I have to say that there’s no such thing as the “Perfect Heat Gun”. So now I’m gonna list some features that I don’t like about this model.


Only offers 50 degrees adjustment

Don’t get me wrong, the adjustment on this heat gun is awesome and really fast. I use it a lot. But if you are working on really sensitive stuff that needs the exact temperature then maybe this model won’t work.

Let’s just say that you are working on an object that needs to heat up to 280 degrees. Now with 50-degree adjustment, it’s not possible to reach that temperature. You either have to use 250 degrees or 300 degrees.

There are different heat guns that offer 10 degrees adjustment, but they lack quality!

No Temperature Memory

To be honest, this isn’t really a big deal. But I like it because it makes the heat gun look fancy.

This model, unfortunately, doesn’t have this feature but other models do! Basically, what this feature does, is that allows you to save up to 4 different temperature settings that you can later use with just one click.

But usually heat guns with this feature have a lot of problems when you try to replace on temperature settings with another, so maybe this is a good thing that this model doesn’t have this.

No cool-down

This was unexpected, I honestly didn’t think that this model will not have this feature. And by ” Cool Down ” I mean the feature that blows really cold air instead of hot air. This feature is really helpful since it saves you a lot of time.

As you know that we can’t put the heat gun back into its place while it’s still hot since it can damage the case or object you put it in.

But instead of “Cool Down” there is a “Low Temperature” feature, where you can put this model’s temperature at 150 degrees(the lowest temperature this model offers) which help to get cooled down faster.

Of course, as I have mentioned earlier these features are more “fancy” features. Even without any of these, this heat gun is still the best one I have ever used.

A heat gun can have all these features, but is it worth if it stops working 1 month after you buy it? No, this is the difference between DeWalt heat guns and other digital heat guns. No matter how much you use them, it will still work the next time, and you probably won’t need another heat gun for the next few years.



DeWalt Heat Gun Review – F.A.Q

Can I use this Heat Gun For Different Tasks?

Yes, I have used it for a lot of different tasks. I have used this heat gun for paint removal, shrinking wrap, etc. And it did a great job!

How big is this heat gun and is it heavy?

It’s not that big and not that small, this heat gun model dimensions are 17.3 x 4.8 x 14.1 inches, and it weighs about 7 pounds. I can hold it with only one hand for hours.

Does it have a long cord?

Yes, the cord is about 10 feet long, actually, it even has cord protection which prevents the cord from tearing away from the housing.

What do you get inside the package except for the heat gun?

When I ordered mine I got a big case too! I still have it and it’s a really big quality case then I store my heat gun there. Also, inside of the case you get different nozzles and knives that you can use to different tasks such as paint removal, etc.

Final Words of this Dewalt Heat Gun Review

Every heat gun has its pros and cons. In order to choose the best heat gun for you its best to think about what you are gonna mostly use that heat gun. I use this best DeWalt heat gun model for all kinds of tasks.

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We’re a team of engineers, contractors, technicians, and woodworking experts who use power tools daily and share fact-based information, tips, and recommendations. At thetoolgeeks.com, we debunk myths about power tools and share methods to use them effectively.

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We're a team of engineers, contractors, technicians, and woodworking experts who use power tools daily and share fact-based information, tips, and recommendations. At thetoolgeeks.com, we debunk myths about power tools and share methods to use them effectively.

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