5 Best Metal Band Saws: Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saws

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A metal cutting band-saw is a great addition to your machine shop. There’s just one problem, there aren’t a lot of reviews of people using metal cutting band saws so choosing one can be hard.

To help you out, we have decided to make a list that contains the best metal band saws. This list contains 5 different metal cutting band saws with different qualities.

If you don’t know which one to pick, then you can read the buyer’s guide that we made for you. We listed all the important things we check before buying a band-saw. All this information is down below, don’t miss it!

Product NameDetailsPrice

WEN 3975T
  • Weight(Approximately) : 56 pounds
  • Motor: 4.5 Amp
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JET 414459

  • Speed: 85- 285 FPM
  • Motor: 3/4 HP
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  • Weight(Approximately) : 48 pounds
  • Speed : 130-288 FPM
  • Motor: 1-1/2 HP
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  • Motor : 1.5 HP
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Grizzly Industrial G0561

  • Speed : 158, 213, 308 FPM.
  • Motor: 1 HP
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Best Metal Band Saws

1. WEN 3975T – Best Horizontal Band Saw

WEN 3975 4-7/8-inch x 5-inch Metal-Cutting Benchtop Band Saw

  • Powerful
  • Adjustable Speed
  • 4.5 Amp Motor

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If you are looking for a way to cut metal fast then you should check the WEN 3975T.  This bandsaw is small, fast, and portable, it has everything you need for a quick cut.

What makes this band-saw even more special is the variable speed settings — it comes with adjustable speed settings that allow you to change the speed from 125 to 260 FPM.

The variable speed setting makes this band-saw very versatile. You can use it for different materials such as metal, steel, aluminum. Just change the speed to match it to the material you are working on.

As we mentioned earlier, thanks to its design this machine is very portable. You can easily transport it from your work to your house to quickly complete a small task.  But, the weight doesn’t help, approximately it weighs 56 pounds. You may need an extra hand to carry it around.

The powerful 4.5 amp motor helps a lot with cutting the material faster. The beveling blade is also helpful because it allows you to make angled cuts up to 0-60 degrees.

On the downside, this band-saw isn’t very recommended to straight cuts.


  • Powerful – 4.5 amp motor.
  • Adjustable Speed – You can adjust the speed from 125 to 260 FPM.
  • Portable – Thanks to its design you can easily carry it.
  • Beveling Blade – You can make angled cuts up to 60-degrees.


  • Not recommended to straight cuts.

2. JET 414459 – Best Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw

JET 414459 HVBS-7MW 7-Inch 3/4-HP Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw, 115/230-Volt 1-Phase

  • Heavy-Duty
  • Powerful
  • Durable

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When it comes to high-quality metal cutting band-saw then the JET 414459 is the best.  If you are looking for a band-saw to complete heavy-duty large projects then check this one out.

The JET 414459 is a vertical/horizontal band-saw that comes with a very powerful 3/4 HP motor. The motor has enough power to cut any metal fast.

When it comes to speed — this bandsaw comes with adjustable speed settings. You can choose the speed between 85 – 285 FPM. This makes this machine very versatile.

What I like most about this one is that it comes with an auto-shutdown system — after every cut, the machine automatically shuts down to prevent any unwanted injury or accident. The cooling system is good too, it cools down the blades and prevents them from over-heating.

Moreover, the machine is built for heavy-duty projects so that means that it’s very durable. It comes with a heavy cast iron bow.

On the downside, this machine is pricey.


  • Powerful – Features a 3/4 HP motor.
  • Adjustable Speed – Choose the speed between 85, 130, 180, and 285 FPM.
  • Durable – Comes with a heavy cast iron bow.
  • Auto-Shut Down – After every cut, the machine automatically shuts down.
  • Heavy-Duty


  • Pricey

3. Klutch – Best Bandsaw For Metal

Klutch Benchtop Metal Cutting Band Saw - 3in. x 4in. 1 1/3 HP, 120V

  • Powerful
  • 1-1/2 HP Motor
  • Quick-Positioning Vise

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This Klutch bandsaw is a smaller and lighter machine than the other two picks. If you are looking for a small band-saw to complete your projects then you should check it one out.

It comes with a powerful 1-1/2 HP motor. The motor has enough power for almost every material. The machine also comes with variable speed settings that allow you to change the speed from 130-288 FPM. The motor and variable speed settings make this band-saw versatile.

What I like most about this band-saw is that it comes with an automatic shut-down system. After you are done with the work, the band-saw will automatically shut down to prevent any accidental injury.

Another safety feature that this machine has is the quick-positioning vise — which means that the machine holds the material in an ideal cutting position safely.

On the downside, this machine seems to have some problems with the blade falling off.


  • Powerful – Features a 1-1/2 HP motor.
  • Adjustable Speed – You can adjust the speed from 130-288 FPM
  • Shut-Down System – Automatically shuts down after each use.
  • Safe – Hold the material into an ideal cutting position.
  • Lightweight – Approximately weighs 48 pounds


  • It comes with some blade problems.

4. KAKA BS-712N – Best Steel Cutting Bandsaw

KAKA Industrial horizontal band saw 7'x12' Capacity BS-712N, metal cut band saw, 4 step blade speeds...

  • Portable
  • Versatile
  • Safe

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If you are looking for a portable yet powerful bandsaw then you should check the KAKA BS-712N. What I like most about this machine is that it’s very versatile.

You can easily switch between the horizontal and vertical mode depending on your project needs. This machine comes with a 1.5 HP motor and its maximum capacity is 7″.

The BS-712N comes with a lot of safety features that make this machine ideal for industrial and home-based work. It comes with a blade guard, automatic shut-down, and a cooling system that will help you prevent any injuries.

This unit allows you to adjust the clamps and make angled cuts up to 45-degrees, giving you full control over your cuttings. The unit is heavy but at the bottom is has 4-wheels that help you to easily move the band-saw around.

But, on the downside, these wheels don’t come with wheel-locks — which means you have to find a mechanism to secure the machine.


  • Powerful – Comes with a 1.5 HP Motor.
  • Capacity – Its maximum capacity is 7″.
  • Versatile – You can easily switch from horizontal to vertical mode.
  • Safe – Comes with a lot of safety features.
  • Angled Cuts – You can make angled cuts up to 45 degrees.


  • Doesn’t come with wheel-locks.

5. Grizzly Industrial G0561 – Best Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Grizzly G0561 Metal Cutting Bandsaw, 7 x 12-Inch

  • Durable
  • Adjustable Speed
  • Safe

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When it comes to high-quality bandsaws the Grizzly is a very known brand. There are no exceptions on the Grizzly Industrial G0561. It comes with all the features you need for industrial and home-based work.

The G0561 comes with a powerful 1 HP motor. It also comes with adjustable speed settings, you can choose the speed 158, 213, 308 FPM.

What I like most about this model is that it’s very durable. It has a one-piece all-steel base. Except for the durable base, this band-saw comes with some safety features — the cooling system and the auto-shutdown protect both you and the machine.

On the downside, the machine is kinda heavy but it comes with wheels.


  • Powerful – Features a 1 HP motor.
  • Adjustable Speed – 158, 213, 308 FPM.
  • Durable – One-piece all-steel base.
  • Safe – Cooling System, Auto-shutdown, and Quick-Setting Vise.


  • Heavy – But, it comes with wheels.

Best Horizontal Band Saw- Buyers Guide

We all know that bandsaws are very good for woodworking. Choosing a bandsaw for woodworking is easier than choosing a bandsaw for metal. The main reason for that is because people don’t use a lot of metal cutting bandsaws so there are fewer reviews.

If you want to cut metal then you need horizontal band saws. These types of band saws are very good because they are portable and you can move them easily. The best horizontal band saws are the ones that don't weigh a lot but still have enough power to cut any metal.

We were facing the same problem while we were researching about metal cutting bandsaw. That’s why to make things easier for you, we will list a few things that we like to check before buying a steel cutting bandsaw.

There are a lot of things you should check, but here are some that we usually check:


We have two types of bandsaw — the horizontal and the vertical one.  The vertical bandsaws are taller but thinner, and the horizontal bandsaws are the opposite of that.

The choice is yours — we have included both of these types in our list. Before buying you have to make sure that the unit will fit inside your garage (or workplace). If you choose a vertical bandsaw then you have to check the height and make sure you choose one that fits your hand height.

You want one that has a big enough table to fit your material.

2.Adjustable Speed

If you decide to buy a steel cutting bandsaw then you probably have to work with different materials. Different materials require different speeds. For example — metal and brass require 100 FPM, meanwhile steel requires 1000 FPM.

If you are going to be using different materials then you need a bandsaw that allows you to adjust the speed. Variable speed settings will also allow you to work with different materials such as wood.

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3. Cut Angles

A great bandsaw will allow you to make angled cuts. You never know when you need angled cuts, so you need to have a bandsaw that allows you to do that.

Some band-saws allow you to tilt the table from 0-45 degrees. There are models that allow to tilt the table up to 60-degrees.

You also want to be able to change the angle effortlessly, this will save you a lot of time.

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4. Portability

The portability comes in handy if you work in different spaces. If you want to use the same band-saw for your work and take it to your home garage sometimes then you need a portable metal cutting bandsaw.

When it comes to portability I recommend a horizontal bandsaw.  These types of bandsaw are smaller so you can easily place it in your car and move it around. Make sure to check the weight before buying one.

If you decide to get a vertical bandsaw then you must get one that comes with wheels. The wheels allow you to easily move the band-saw without having to use too much of your energy.

You just have to make sure that the wheels come with locks to prevent accidental rolling. You don’t want a metal cutting bandsaw without wheel locks unless it has some other mechanism that prevents the tool from moving while working.

5. Safety

And last but not least we check the safety of the machine. When it comes to these types of machines, safety is very important, you don’t want anything that’s not safe.

The first thing a metal cutting band-saw needs is the blade guard. This feature prevents contact between you and the blade.  This is a very important quality that every band-saw should have.

When it comes to blades — the band-saw should also have blade tension feature. This feature prevents the blade from slipping or moving while you are working. Basically locks the blade and protects you from any accidental cuts.

The cooling system is also something that you should check.  The motor heating up won’t cause you any direct harm, but it can cause a lot of trouble for the machine. Since you will be spending a lot of money on the band-saw then why not protect it? You don’t want to spend more money to fix or even replace it.

And last but not least you should check the dust ports. The metals make a huge mess too, you want to have a dust collection system that prevents the dust from floating inside your garage. A band-saw that comes with a lot of dust ports is what you need.

Final Words

A band saw is something that you need to have in your machine shop. You can do a lot of things with this machine. A metal cutting band saw is great, it will allow you to cut metal easily.

We have tried our best to list all the things that we know about metal cutting band-saws. The list has some great band-saws that will help you complete your metal cutting projects.

If you don’t know which one to pick then you can read the buyer’s guide where we have listed some of the most important things we check when looking for a steel cutting bandsaw.

If you have any questions about the best horizontal band saws or want to add something then you can comment down below and we will reply as fast as possible.

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