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5 Best Sliding Compound Miter Saws (& Buyers Guide Included)

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Sliding compound miter saws are indispensable working tools for any job site or workshop. This essential piece of equipment can make smooth, accurate, and fast crosscuts through materials in a matter of seconds. Apart from these crosscuts, they are also useful in creating a miter, bevel, and compound cuts.

If you are new in the field of woodworking, it can be tough to find the best sliding compound miter saws. Don’t worry; most professionals that you admire have been there too.

In our review, we’ve reviewed and compiled a list of five of the most excellent sliding miter saws that will help you get good results.

We also detailed their features and best features to help you make an informed decision when you go all out to get one for yourself.

Check out their benefits and drawbacks to determine the perfect one for your tasks.

Product NameDetailsPrice

Bosch GCM12SD

  • Speed:3800 RPM
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  • Speed:3800 RPM
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Metabo HPT C12RSH2SM

  • Motor:15 AMP
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Currently Unavailable

  • Motor: 15 AMP
Currently Unavailable

Evolution Power Tools R255SMS+

  • Motor:15 AMP
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Best Sliding Compound Miter Saws

1.Bosch GCM12SD

Best Features  BOSCH GCM12SD 15 Amp 12 Inch Corded Dual-Bevel Sliding Glide Miter Saw with 60 Tooth Saw Blade

  • Space-saving
  • Minter Lock Control
  • Highly Efficient

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The Bosch GCM12SD Power Tools is an exceptional apparatus with a unique design. It is the only tool in our review that, rather than rails, was designed with an axial arm.

Aside from its room-saving build that is ideal for compact, this tool easily lets you arrive at the rim of a bigger workspace. Also, the back and forth movement of its arms are smooth.

Miter and crosscuts are a pushover if you are going to use this apparatus. Unlike what is obtainable in other miter saws, this tool has a double bevel scheme that allows you effortlessly tilt the tool to the right and left to execute bevel cuts.

For certain users, this is not a big deal, but if you don’t have to reposition the material to carry out one more cut, then this would make your work easier. The range of the bevel angle swings to an upper limit of forty-seven degrees on either side of the bevel.


  • Visibility: It comes with a see-through blade guard for greater visibility.
  • Space-saving: It has a space-saving and unique axial arm scheme.
  • Large-enough Power Trigger System: The power/trigger switch is big enough to be utilized by left or right-handed users.
  • Accessibility: You can easily access the bevel lock lever from the front.

  • Heavy: It is a very weighty saw, and not as handy as the other tools on our list.


Best Features  DEWALT Miter Saw, 12 Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound, Stainless Steel Detent Plate with 10 Stops,...

  • Ergonomic Design
  • High Sliding Fences
  • Durable

More detailed review ↴

Courtesy of its user-friendly design, extremely sharp blade, and powerful motor, DEWALT DWS779 would make the job of any woodworker or contractor easier.

It is one of those few drop saws in the marketplace that deliver impressive and reliable performance if deployed in cutting through thick workpieces. It comes with a bigger twelve-inch that lets it easily get to the rim of 2×14 during a crosscutting exercise.

The transparent guard of this tool provides you with a more vivid sight of your cutline. The weight of this sliding miter saw is about fifty-six pounds, pretty impressive, isn’t it?

The great news is that the unit is produced from long-lasting materials. The bad news is that it is not so portable even though it coming with slots at its base for your hands and having its handle at the top.

With it, you can carry out compound cuts, miter, bevel, and crosscuts. It features elevated sliding fences that function as supporting structures for workpieces that are taller.


  • Powerful Blades: The blade cuts through wider and larger workpieces efficiently.
  • Dual-Bevel System: With this bevel system, you can execute cuts without reorienting your workpiece.
  • Great Positive Stops: The miter plate has up to ten positive stops on it.

  • It is one of the heaviest and bulkiest sliding compound miter saws in the market.

3. Metabo HPT C12RSH2SM

Best Features  Metabo HPT Sliding Compound Miter Saw | 12-Inch Blade | Double Bevel | Laser Marker | 15-Amp Motor |...

  • Tough Blades
  • Adaptable Base Extension
  • Fast

More detailed review ↴

This tool is just another piece of equipment that is ideal for serious and professional hobbyists. Just as you’ve already known, it comes with a sturdy twelve-inch blade that is safeguarded by a transparent blade guard.

It would not be an issue to cut through tough, wide, and large workpieces, courtesy of its efficient motor.

Because of its bigger base plate, it is perfectly adapted to cutting through wider and lumber pieces. Also, this tool makes it easier for you to cut through larger workpieces with its more extensive sliding fence and adaptable base extension.

It features a laser cutting ability, but this may not be very useful to more experienced builders and hobbyists. While the transparency of its blade guard is fantastic, it is so colored that you may have a hard time seeding through the cutline during activity.


  • Rightly-positioned Vertical Handle: The position of its vertical angle makes it ideal for both left and right-handed users.
  • Dual-Bevel System: Because it is a dual bevel, you don’t have to reorient your workpiece. Tilt the saw to the right or left to get a bevel cut in either direction.
  • Dust Bag: Comes with a dust bag that collects a whopping seventy-five percent of the dust, leading to a tidier work area.
  • Extremely Sharp Blades: Its blade can cut through the thickest hardwoods.
  • Extra Features: The vice assembly, box wrench, dust bag, and twelve-inch blade are included.

  • To get to the bevel adjustment, you must reach the machine’s rear side.


Best Features  Currently Unavailable

  • Efficient Motor
  • Flexible
  • Sharp Blades

More detailed review ↴

This durable draw brags of an efficient motor system that is capable of delivering a whopping 3800 RPM.

Plus, its extremely sharp blade can cut through some of the thickest hardwoods (and also soft metal and plastic) to give you a smooth and clean finish.

TACKLIFE PMS03A has positive stops at exactly +45° and +22.5° and also -22.5°/-45°. With this tool, you can tilt the saw head towards the right or left to the tune of forty-five degrees to get compounded cuts and bevel cuts.

Some other notable features of this tool are a steady flexible platform, laser cutting guide, and a big dust bag. Its top contains a vertical carry handle while its rear side contains a horizontal carry handle that lets you carry it from place to place.


  • Dual-Bevel System: With its dual bevel system, you don’t have to change the position of your workpiece because you can effortlessly adapt the saw right or left to carry out a clean bevel cut.
  • Efficient Blades: It features a powerful blade with tungsten tipped in it to let you cut plastic and wood.
  • See-through Blade Guard: Its blade guard is transparent.
  • Dust-proof Laser Cutting System: The switch of its laser cutting system is dust-proof.

  • It weighs about forty-six pounds, meaning that it is not so portable.

5.  Evolution Power Tools R255SMS+

Best Features  Evolution Power Tools R255SMS+ PLUS 10-Inch Sliding Miter Saw Plus Multi-Material Multi-Purpose...

  • High Fences
  • Reliable
  • High Precision

More detailed review ↴

Even though this compound sliding miter saw may not be as well-known as other brands in the market, the truth is that Evolution Power Tools R255SMS+ delivers reliable and outstanding performance for users working on job sites.

Just as its name implies, it is also among the compound sliding saws. To that end, it can carry out compound cuts, upwards of 45° bevel cuts, -50˚ to 50˚ miter, and crosscuts. Also, the miter stops can swing both right and left.

It features a ten-inch blade system that cuts through steel, hardwoods, and laminates. If you a carpenter that cuts through tiles, bricks, and other similar materials, then you can opt for one with a well-matched ten-inch diamond blade.


  • Easy to Change Blades: You can easily change the blades using the hex key system.
  • Bigger Switch: Because of the size of its switch, it is perfect for both right and left-handed operators.
  • Handle for Easy Carriage: It comes with a rear carry handle, plus a front handle for trouble-free movement.
  • Tall Fences: Its stationary and sliding fences are comparatively tall. And, its right fence comes with scales that can assist you to cut with razor-sharp accuracy.
  • Laser Guides: It comes with a laser guide system for increased precision.

  • The lower blade guard is not see-through.
  • The base is wider than usual, but it does not have sliding extensions.

Best Compound Miter Saws – Buyers Guide

The best compound miter saws are the ones that will give you the best cutting results. Compound miter saws are very used among different woodworkers, they are easy to use and deliver a clean cut.

Sliding Miter Saw Vs. Fixed Miter Saw

Let take a quick look at these two types of mite saws to know the one that is best fit for you.

Because fixed miter saws have a history of more than fifty years, it only makes sense to know that they would have been adopted by a lot of professional and hobbyist builders. Its versatility makes it suitable for producing compound cuts, bevel cuts, miter cuts, and crosscuts.

Also, it is perfect for use in cutting averagely-sized lumber, and also baseboards, trims, and crown moldings. You can even use it to cut through workpieces that have a density of up to six inches, not to add that it is very easy to use. And, it is more portable and compact than its adaptable brother, the sliding miter saw.

If you are using a fixed miter saw for your task, you only have to place it inside the workpiece to have it cut. But a sliding saw works differently. You’ll have to drag the saw in your direction, drop it adjacent to the rim of the material, and horizontally slide it to cut through the wood.

Also, you can produce compound cuts, bevel cuts, and crosscuts using sliding saws. While it is true that fixed miter saws feature six-inch cutting clearance, the cutting clearance of sliding saws can reach upwards of twelve-inches (in fact, the cutting clearance of larger units can get to sixteen inches).

Sliding miter saws is the go-to tool if you are regularly using denser lumber pieces during your tasks.

But, if you are not going to use it all the time, why taking the trouble to acquire it? Also, sliding saws are weighty and may consume a large open space in the garage. Some models are so heavy that you may have a hard time transporting them.

If you have already determined that you are going for sliding miter saws, then our buying guide would brief you on everything you need to know. Just read further!

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Picking the Top Sliding Miter Saw for Your Activities

The sizes of sliding miter saws are contingent on what type of blades they bear. Most of the compact saws feature a 7¼-inch. The 8 ½-inch blades follow this, but they’re indeed rare to find. Some of the commonest sliding saws that you’ll find around come with ten-inch and twelve-inch blades.

Consider the Dimensions

Also, consider the workpiece’s dimensions so that you’ll know how to go about it when you are contemplating on the correct sliding saw that would be great for your workshop.

Those sliding saws whose dimensions are between ten-inches and twelve-inches are more suitable for making deeper cuts than their compacter counterparts.

Check the Amp of the Motor

Always ensure that you check the amp of the motor because it is a good indicator of its cutting ability. You must go for one that comes with a higher amp if you want to enjoy a more productive cut.

These tools have positive stops or miter dents positioned at angles that carpenters and woodworkers normally use. Settle for a sliding miter saw that locks safely in place.

Ensure that you go for one that you can easily adjust in case you’ll want to quickly reposition the miter angle.

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Ease of Access

The ease with which you can access the bevel control is one other thing to consider when you go out to select a good sliding miter saw.

Most of the tools we reviewed come with a miter knob, which while on a table, locks in place at the exact angle you desire. You must tighten the knob to have it locked in place and loosen it to shift it to some other angle.

The only exception in our list is DEWALT because it has an exceptional latch button and locks angle that you press rather than that of a detent lever and miter knob.

Also, ensure that you go for one with a dual bevel system. With this system, you can have the saw tilted to the right or left without having to reposition the workpiece.  You cannot achieve this feat with a single-bevel system.

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Base Extension

If your work demands that you regularly cut through more extensive workpieces, then you have to opt for sliding compound miter saws with more extensive bases.

This includes a base that makes it easy for you to execute repetitive cuts. Some tools in our list possess cast-in scales on stationary or sliding fences.

Even though it does not come with cast-in scales, the DEWALT compound miter saw is remarkable because it comes with sliding tall fences. These fences are textured; making sure that the material securely leans on it and wouldn’t easily slip through during cuts.

Go for a see-through blade guard with which you can view the cutline even when you don’t need to lift the blade. Miter saws that have electric brakes let you halt the blade’s rotation in a matter of seconds after releasing the power knob.

Many manufacturers are now making their miter saws come with an in-built laser system for augmented accuracy when they are carrying out crosscuts. But, is it really useful?

Somehow. But you can do without it especially if you are a professional or a hobbyist that has experience prior. You should settle for sliding miter saws that include an LED light.

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After assessing the different sliding miter saws, we’ve decided that the Bosch GCM12SD is the best option for some reasons.

Even though it can produce miter cuts, bevel cuts, and crosscuts almost in the same proportion as the rest, it beats them hands down in some notable features.

First, it is peculiar for its miter lock control that has been tested and trusted. And its bevel lever is ergonomic, plus it is situated at the front.

This means that you do not have to tilt the saw right or left by reaching its rear side; this makes the carriage an easy task.

This tool is a go-to working apparatus for serious DIYers and other professionals that have built the requisite capacity and adaptability to withstand what it takes to work on job sites for several years.

If you have more job-specific requirements in a sliding compound miter saw, our buyer’s guide has covered all the essential things you should look out for. As of now, take a tour of the market, and make the best choice of sliding compound miter saw.

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We're a team of engineers, contractors, technicians, and woodworking experts who use power tools daily and share fact-based information, tips, and recommendations. At thetoolgeeks.com, we debunk myths about power tools and share methods to use them effectively.

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