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Best Cabinet Table Saw – Top 5 Picks (Tested & Reviewed)

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Looking for the best cabinet table saw for your next woodworking project? You’ve landed on the right page.

To help you choose a cabinet saw that suits you and your project requirements, we have reviewed five cabinet saws along with their features and how those features will help you in your project. 

We managed to arrange some cabinet saws from our professional woodworking friends to test and review thoroughly. Additionally, we bought some cabinet saws and used them on small wood projects to see what they offer. 

Cabinets can be expensive, and most of the time the quality isn't the best. So, if you want a high-quality you can make your own cabinet using a cabinet saw. There are a lot of different saws, but we recommend using a table saw. If you want to find which one is the best table saw for cabinet making then check our post.

Best Cabinet Table Saw – Quick Features Comparison

Product NameDetailsPrice


  • Motor : 3 HP
  • Rip Fence: 52-inch
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Delta 5 HP

  • Motor : 5 HP
  • Rip Fence: 52-inch
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Powermatic PM1000

  • Motor : 1-3/4HP
  • Rip Fence: 30-inch
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JET 708675PK

  • Motor : 3HP
  • Rip Fence: 50-inch
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Shop Fox W1820

  • Motor : 3HP
  • Rip Fence: 50-inch
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Best Cabinet Table Saws – Detailed Review

1. SAWSTOP PCS31230-TGP252 – Best Cabinet Saw

SawStop 10-Inch Professional Cabinet Saw, 3-HP, 52-Inch Professional TGlide Fence System...

  • Has Safety Features
  • 52-inch Rip Fence
  • 3 HP Motor

More detailed review ↴

This is a 3-horsepower, 10-inch, and 13-amp cabinet saw with an upper part of cast iron and a base made of steel. After testing this cabinet table saw in detail, we confirm this one to be powerful, as it runs through almost everything you need to do. 

This cabinet saw has a unique safety feature, protecting your hand or finger. If your finger touches the blade, it will stop the blade down. 

The T-square of this cabinet saw is smooth working and easily adjustable (It was fun to use). Additionally, calibrating was also simple. 

The 45-degree tilt of the blade is amazingly smooth, and we could comfortably use the blade up and down. The company claims that the dust collector collects 99% of the dust, but I think the claim is significant because some particles are always left. (But, still, it collects a considerable amount of dust)

We liked the 52-inch rip capacity because it will be smooth and excellent for working with plywood and crosscuts. The handles are standard; you will have to reach out to them as the table is significant in front of the actual space. 

Additionally, it has an easy roll system which allows easy movement in the space, as it has wheels built. However, you won’t be able to rip anything under ¾-inch. Under the table, it has a switch that overrides the motor when it overheats. 

In case you did not pull out any nail from the board while whipping, it has a bypass in which you can check. You can touch the blade to know if it’s conducting or not. (it has a sign which tells if it’s performing or not). The bowls and locks work smoothly!

However, as it is a sticker, the measuring tape comes off. Also, it has to be attached to the steel, which could be challenging to manage. Also, the trip piece comes off from the wood.

What We Liked?
  • Dust Collector is great
  • Smooth working and adjustable
  • Stationery because of heavyweight
What We Didn't Like?
  • Stickers and glues should not be used as they come off

2. Delta 5 HP – Best Table Saw For Cabinet Making

5-Hp Unisaw with 52' Biesemeyer Fence

  • 5 HP Motor
  • 52-inch BIESEMEYER Fence
  • Fast

More detailed review ↴

This is a rigid Biesemeyer-fence-made cabinet saw that provides an accurate fence system. This one is not used for any usual cabinet saw but for 3HP or greater saws. We tested it for the very reason of being a powerful 5HP. 

This cabinet saw is 650 pounds (less vibration), 5 HP, and 52-inch Biesemeyer fence and is ideal for cabinet making, crosscutting, or panel ripping.

It is a 10-inch left tilt Unisaw blade size saw with a unique feature that makes changing blades easy and efficient. This push-button arbor lock needs only a wrench to work with. This is because of the larger blade opening.

According to some of the consumers we interviewed, it has a unique feature of fine-tuning blade bevel because of a bevel dial that eases it. It also provides accuracy within ¼-inch, providing more stability working in the area.

As it comes with a single cast trunnion system, there is no continuous vibration during operation, and it works as a vibration controller. You can easily adjust the blade height with dual front cranks

This 1-phase, 60 Hz motor is powerful and can handle demanding environments too. 

What We Liked?
  • Ease in changing or adjusting the blade
  • A robust and riving knife is smooth
What We Didn't Like?
  • We’re not satisfied with the safety

3. Powermatic PM1000 – Best Cabinet Making Saws

Powermatic 10-Inch Table Saw, 30-Inch Rip, 1-3/4 HP, 1Ph 115/230V (Model PM1000)

  • Only requires 115V
  • Blade Guards
  • Hands-Free Power Switch

More detailed review ↴

The box has a cabinet table and cast iron parts, a low profile riving knife, a blade changing tool, and a plastic push stick (cheap). It also has a blade guard system, anti-kickback paws, and another riving knife. 

The saw comes with accu-fence, which we liked a lot, as it is smooth and sliding and is excellent for stability. It has a miter gauge which can go up to 60 degrees either way, and a t-track bar (aluminum made), which allows easy adding of jigs. 

It has a cabinet with a powerful machine of three-quarter horsepower, which can efficiently run on mere 115 volts; it was pretty convenient. This 330-pound saw works at 4200RPM speed. 

The cabinets have cast iron wheels on their sides of 7-inch that also have handles: one is for adjusting blade height, and one is for adjusting blade angle. (smooth and easy rolling). 

It has floating leaves which ensures to cover the blade (10-inch when you use it. Additionally, the blade is thin and curved, which cannot be used with any two-splitter, which the saw comes with, but you have to purchase the third one yourself.

Powermatic has a green light indicator which tells the saw is on when you pull the large button, but it needs a key to keep accidents ON/OFF happening. It also has a dust port on the back side which collects the dust from the shroud with the help of a hose connected to them.  

The thing we liked is that this 1-3/4HP motor has a poly-belt which helps in reducing the vibrations and enhances efficiency. Due to this, it has only 80 decibels of sound level. This is an ideal saw for shop owners. 

What We Liked?
  • Poly-V belt for sound reduction
  • Dust collector
What We Didn't Like?
  • Not ideal for professionals or heavy workers

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4. JET 708675PK – Best Cabinet Table Saw For The Money

JET 10-Inch Deluxe XACTA Table Saw, 50-Inch Rip, 3 HP, 1Ph 230V (Model JTAS-10XL50-1DX)

  • Low Vibrations
  • Large Table
  • Accurate

More detailed review ↴

This is another Poly-V drive belt system cabinet table saw that works as a sound reduction: it is a quiet and efficient working table saw with a 10-inch table blade. 

As we tested this cabinet saw by borrowing it from one of our friends, we did more research and to be honest, this is an amazing table saw with 3HP, which has about 50 inches of rip fence and provides high performance and a full range of high ends. 

This is helpful in a manner that the T-square allows simple adjustments of screws and cursor 

During our testing, we confirmed that this is an efficient operating saw as it comes with an integrated arbor lock, a real reason behind it (which also allows rapid blade change). It also comes with a quick-release riving knife. Also, most users are satisfied as they consider it a robust cabinet saw in the market. 

This large cast iron table measuring about 29 x 42 inches provides a lot of space and allows large projects to be done at it. Additionally, aligning the miter slot in the cast iron table is easy because of its convenient mounted all-steel cabinet. 

The hand wheels of the saw are eight-inch in diameter, allowing easy adjustments in the height of the blade and bevels. As it is a left-lift machine, you can tilt away the blades from the fence. Additionally, it prevents the piece you are working on from getting trapped between the fence and the blades. 

Additionally, this is a 3Hp motor working cabinet saw, which is rigidly mounted under the table mechanism. 

It has a magnetic on/off switch to give protection from any power fluctuation or restarting after power cutoff/on. Lastly, it has an anti-kickback pawl with a riving knife and a high-tech modular blade to enhance efficiency.

The riving knife and dust shroud are mounted on the same cast-iron boss, allowing the consumer to blade through height and bevel changes to maintain effectiveness.

What We Liked?
  • It has less vibration and a large space
  • Blade guide and tilting design
What We Didn't Like?
  • The motor has less torque

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5. Shop Fox W1820

Shop Fox W1820 3 HP 10-Inch Table Saw with Extension Table and Riving Knife

  • 50-inch Rip Fence
  • Blade Guards
  • Angled Cuts

More detailed review ↴

This is the last cabinet saw we would recommend using, as we researched it while testing. According to our testing, it’s best for shop owners. For additional information, we interviewed some woodworking professionals who use Shop Fox 

After talking to them, we can conclude: that this one is a high-power 3HP motor-based cabinet saw capable of many tasks. It has a 50-inch rip capacity which can even rip the center of plywood (standard one). 

The table has adjustable legs, a steel tubing frame, and a round top. This table is precision ground and polished cast iron table. 

It comes with a quick-release riving knife, a blade guard, and splitters. The most special thing about it is its wide-span glide T-fence system which has a camlock and a phenolic face.

Another thing that is most liked is the T-slot miter gauge which also comes with a fence extension and flip stop, which means you can adjust it according to your project size. Additionally, it has a magnetic switch with overload protection, making it safer to use. 

This left-tilted blade can run on AC voltage with a single phase and 12.8A. 

The overall weight of the cabinet table is about 579 lbs with the dimensions of 82″ L x 45-1/2″ W x 40″ H, which is quite a quality and performing one. It comes with a 4′ dust port 

What We Liked?
  • The blade can be tilted from 0-45 degrees
  • User Safety
What We Didn't Like?
  • Too much alignment and adjustment are required

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Things to consider While Choosing the Best Cabinet Table Saw

There are a lot of different table saws types. Although they all do the same thing, they still have some differences. People tend to confuse contractor table saws vs cabinet table saws. These two have many differences but also a lot of similarities.

Build Quality 

The most important thing to notice is the quality of the saw table. Why? This is because a good quality table will allow stable and smooth working. It will not only give excellent results but will ensure little to no sound or vibrations coming front he saw while it is turned on. 

Be careful when choosing a table saw just based upon price, as if you choose a lower quality saw table, there could be a lot of vibration from the saw that could negatively impact your working results.


The motor’s power needs to be high enough, otherwise, it could overheat or damage itself. If you are going to do continuous sawing or sawing through thicker woods, then ensure that you choose a high-quality motor with high power. 

We would personally recommend choosing a 3-5HP cabinet table saw!


The stability in the table saw for cabinets comes from the weight and the build quality. It’s worth it to pay more for higher build quality and a higher weight table, as the weight determines stability and stability provides smoother sawing and less chance of mistakes.  

The table saws for cabinets discussed in this article are primarily above 400 to 600 pounds, which may seem heavy, they provide stability as well.  At minimum, we would recommend at least 200 to 300 pounds for sarters. 

Rip Capacity

The table saw rip capacity determines the maximum width of wood that it can cut.  It is the maximum distance from the saw blade to the fence on the side of the saw’s table.  The fence is an adjustable, verticle barrier to help secure a board or piece of wood in place on a table saw while you use the saw.  While more commonly placed on the right side of the table, many table saws have a table fence that can be switched to the left side of the table as well, or removed entirely. 

The most common rip capacities are 28, 30, and 50 inches.  These are ‘half-width’ measurements, menaing if your table saw’s rip capacity is 28 inches, then you will be able to cut a board up to a maximum total of width of 56 inches.  

Rip capcity also factors into the table saw’s price, as the larger the rip capacity, the higher the price.

For enthusiasts, 18 or 20 inches will be enough, while for professionals, the minimum rip capacity should be at least 24 or 28 inches.

Blade Teeth and Thickness

Besides the table saw blade diatmeter, the two key factors for choosing a blade are it’s number of teeth, usually labeled as ‘Xt’ and the blade teeth thickness, usually measured in fractional inches and labeled as “kerf”, which is designates a standard thicknesss.  

A standard 10-inch diameter blade comes with 40 teeth (40t) and generally has a blade teeth thickness of 1/16” kerf (0.7 inches).  But more teeth does not mean greater cutting ability, in fact, the opposite can be true, as more teeth require a more powerful motor to push through a piece of wood.  The same goes for the blade teeth thickness.

Most table saws for cabinets usually comes with a blade, but, sometimes,  these can be ‘starter’ blades, useful only for an average piece of wood and a shorter lifespan before becoming dull.  You can still use them, but we would recommend investing in a set of higher quality blades, especially made for the types and thicknesses of the wood.

Auto-Stop and Brake Systems

Choose a  cabinet table saw that has an auto-stop or brake system.  They typically work by employing a metal or aluminum brake into the spinning blade that can stop it 5 milliseconds and stopping power to the motor.  Combined with electricity sensors (the human body is conductive) the newer auto-stop systems, such as SawStop, will stop and snap the blade away as soon as it detects electricity, such as  from your fingers or another body party.  

Price & Consumer Reviews 

Finally, we recommend to do your research before choosing and looking at the user ratings and comments, both on Amazon and for your online hardware or home improvement store.  These reviews are the most important because they help you know items that the manufacturers might never tell you. 

Tips for Using a Cabinet Table Saw 

Motor Power and Blade Thickness 

Using blades with different thicknesses on a table saw also depends on the motor power and the thickness of the wood object. 

A thicker blade requires a more powerful motor and thicker wood also requires a more powerful motor.  Generally, we recommend only using thicker blades if your table saw motor can produce 3hp or greater.   

Motor Cooldown is Important 

Using your table saw continuously can cause the motor to overheat or even become damaged.  Therefore, we recommend sawing, or ripping, one board at a time or maybe a few boards at a time, and then allow the motor to cooldown for a few minutes.


You need to position your cabinet table saw in a comfortable location in which you can work conveniently without being bothered by the surroundings or your workpiece being bothered, 

Experience and safety 

You need to be experienced enough to use this machine without getting injured. In this community, within minutes, many people get into accidents. So, work and practice on small projects to get a hold. 

We would recommend using gloves and safety glasses while working. And never try to clear out the small pieces while running the saw. 

Final Words

Hopefully, we have given you all the information you need to choose the best cabinet table saws. If not, make sure to re-read the buyer’s guide and start looking for models that come with the features that we listed.

We understand that buying a cabinet table is a big investment. So, take your time and do your research. If you want a good table saw then make sure to pick one of the saws we have listed here.

Other than that, we hope we helped you to make an easier decision, and hopefully, you learned something new today.

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We're a team of engineers, contractors, technicians, and woodworking experts who use power tools daily and share fact-based information, tips, and recommendations. At thetoolgeeks.com, we debunk myths about power tools and share methods to use them effectively.

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