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Best Corded Circular Saws: Which One Should You Pick?

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Looking for the best corded circular saws to smoothly and accurately cut out wood? You’re definitely in the right place!

Sawing or cutting wood manually requires a lot of time and strength. So, an electric circular saw is a must-have for all craftsmen, builders, framers, carpenters, remodelers, and others who are enthusiastic about DIY wood projects. This electric corded power tool is specially engineered to precisely cut different varies of wood, metal sheets, panels, and other dense materials with great speed, precision, accuracy, and ease.

A versatile, useful, and great tool to have on the Jobsite! You can build just anything with a corded circular saw. It’s capable of making any straight cut into the wood; rip, cross, miter, bevel, and even joinery cuts.

Product NameDetailsPrice

SKIL 15 Amp 7-1/4 Inch Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide - 5280-01

  • Speed: 5300 RPM
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Bosch CSW41

  • Speed: 5300 RPM
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Makita 5007Mg

  • Speed: 5800 RPM
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Dewalt DWE57SB

  • Speed: 5100 RPM
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  • Speed: 5800-6000 RPM
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Best Corded Circular Saws

1. SKIL 5280-01 – Best Circular Saw

SKIL 15 Amp 7-1/4 Inch Circular Saw with Single Beam Laser Guide - 5280-01

  • Beam Laser Guide
  • Fast
  • 7.5-inch carbide

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This corded circular saw from SKIL is a perfect tool for someone who requires a more powerful advanced saw. Whether you’re building cupboards or closets, ripping plywood lumbar, or adding something to your room, SKIL 5280-1 features a 15-amp power motor for great performance. A speed of 5300 RPM is more than enough for all your projects.

Want a straight more accurate cut from start to finish? This saw comes with a single laser guide that helps the saw to make straight cuts. Moreover, a built-in dust blower cleans the sawdust on the line of cut to enhance cutting accuracy and visibility.

A lightweight tool is every worker’s first preference! Weighing only 8.7 lbs, you can cut longer without any fatigue. Thanks to the 51-degree bevel with a 45-degree positive stop offers a wide variety of miter and angle cuts. Plus, changing the blade is a breeze via the on-tool wrench using a spindle lock.

This SKIL 5280-1 saw comes with a 7.5’’ carbide blade with 24-tooth and 6 feet long cord for easy operation. A convenient carrying bag included makes storing saw easy. Besides, the saw also has some great safety features. This includes an anti-snag guard, indicator light, and a guarded trigger to prevent unintentional start-up.

Overall, it combines power, safety, and comfort making it an ideal choice for those in need of an all-around workhorse.


  • Lightweight
  • Beam Laser Guide
  • Great 5,300 RPM speed
  • 7.25’’ carbide blade


  • Slip clutch bit difficult to adjust

2. Bosch CSW41 – Best Lightweight Circular Saw

Bosch 7-1/4-Inch Worm Drive Circular Saw CSW41, Blue

  • Soft Grip
  • Lightweight
  • Anti-Snag Guard

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The Bosch CSW41 is a good powerful circular saw with a 15-amp motor that powers 5300 no-load RPM torque speed for fast and precise cuts. Thanks to the worm drive unique design! This Bosch saw is versatile, accurate, and durable for all your DIY or professional projects. It features blade placement on the left side to offer an accurate clear sightline for most right-hand workers.

The reason for it being a very lightweight 13.2 lbs saw is the die-cast magnesium construction with a sturdy footplate, housing, and guards. Also, this rigid housing makes it more reliable to use for many years. Stability is added by 5 ball bearings.

Best of all, long 8 feet cord length allows you to work far from the electric outlet point. It’s easy to work with on the Jobsite. Plus, there are many other convenient features including an integrated saw hook and on-board wrench for maintenance. Easy blade changing, brushes, and lever adjustments!

In addition, there’s a user-friendly spindle lock and lower anti-snag guard. For smooth, easy, and controlled operation, saw features a soft grip so you work comfortably. The tool comes with the standard 24-tooth blade for framing. Making different cuts is possible with the 53-degree bevel with 45-degree positive detent.

On the whole, the Bosch CSW41 is a reliable gear for various projects such as sheathing, building, framing, and much more.


  • Soft grip
  • 15-amp motor
  • Worm drive
  • Lightweight magnesium construction


  • No laser guide

3. Makita 5007Mg – Best Electric Circular Saw

Makita 5007Mg Magnesium 7-1/4-Inch Circular Saw

  • 2 LED Lights
  • 15-Amp Motor
  • M-Shaped Tooth Design

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Ideal for carpenters, roofers, and framers, the Makita 5007Mg circular saw features a 15-amp motor with a max output of 2300 watts that delivers proven performance. It leads all other circular saws when it comes to blade diameter and power. A powerful motor drives the 7 1/4” diameter blade at a high speed of 5800 RPM. Users find this enough to cut through any type of wood or even thick metal sheets with ease.

Also, the other large blade diameter advantage is the maximum depth capacity of cut than standard circular saws; 2’’ at 90-degree. Makes angled cuts up to 45-degree with easy bevel adjustment; a bevel capacity that reaches 56-degree while the bumble adjustment and 2 positive stops at 45-degree and 22.5-degree.

This ensures optimum cutting flexibility. Made with magnesium components, this circular is not only lightweight but also very well-balanced. However, the 10.2lbs weight comes mainly from the heavy-gauge aluminum wraparound shoe that is durable to increase the tool’s life.

Lowered magnesium base and guard design enhance cutting performance. To achieve highly precise cuts, the saw has 2 built-in LED lights for proper illumination and a dust blower to clean the line of cut from sawdust.

Most of all, users love the M-shaped advanced tooth design with carbide tips and an ultra-coated blade that make fine clean cuts even on thick granite slabs.

Furthermore, reinforced long power cord withstands job site abuse. Easy operation; make one-handed effortless and quick adjustments with its rubberized large levers. With ruler marking and oversized easy-to-read numbers are there for you to cut with great accuracy.

Despite the robustness and durability of the saw, one drawback is Makita offers an only 1-year warranty.


  • 2 LED lights
  • 15-amp motor
  • 5800 RPM speed
  • Magnesium housing


  • Case bit bulky

4. Dewalt DWE57SB – Best Professional Circular Saw

DEWALT Circular Saw, 7-1/4 inch, Pivoting with up to 57 Degree Bevel, Corded (DWE575SB)

  • Electric Brake
  • Ball-Bearing Design
  • Dust Blower

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This compact 7 ¼’’ circular saw is 20% lighter than all other circular saws, weighing only 8.8 lbs to help reduce user fatigue. Dewalt DWE57SB features a tough cord system that offers 12 times better resistance against cord pullout. It wins at weight, durability, cutting capacity, and easy operation.

It comes with an electric brake that stops the blades after the user releases the trigger. This is a great advantage as it allows the user to start another cut soon.

Very fast cutting speed of 5100 RPM! Thanks to the powerful 15-amp motor with 1950 watts maximum output.

It provides greater cut capacity with its bevel scale ranging up to 57-degree and stops at 22.5-degree, 45-degree, and 57-degree.

Moreover, a large depth of cut at 2.55 at 90-degree and 1.9’’at 45̊  makes it a versatile tool for all your woodworking projects. Make aggressive bevel cuts while you can rapidly locate common angles.

Ease of use; it’s ergonomically designed for maximum user comfort and control. Plus, anti-snap guard geometry allows it to operate smoothly and effortlessly with no fatigue over prolonged use. It assists performance while making bevel cuts or cutting shim.

Further, the ball-bearing design improves stability and leads to a long life. The lightweight aluminum shoe makes the saw to move along the work surface effortlessly. Besides, the integrated dust blower will also clear the cutting material to provide better visibility of the cut line. A handy carry bag for easy transport and onboard wrench allows for easy blade change.

To sum up, Dewalt DWE57SB provides a smooth cutting experience for the user. However, there’s no laser guide or illumination for precision cutting.


  • Fast speed
  • Electric brake
  • Lightweight
  • Dust blower


  • No laser beam or light

5. GALAX PRO 10 A – Best Budget Circular Saw

GALAX PRO Circular Saw 5800 RPM Hand-Held Cord Circular Saw, 10 Amp with 7-1/4 Inch Blade,...

  • Fast
  • Soft Grip
  • Dust Blower

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A corded-electric circular saw with the highest cutting speed!

This powerful tool has a 10A input power that runs at a maximum no-load speed of 5800-6000 RPM. Moreover, adjusting the depth of cutting from 0 to 62mm and bevel angle from 0 to 45-degree via lock knobs make various cutting jobs possible. The maximum cutting depth is 2.5’’ at 90̊ and 1 5/8’’ at 45̊. Cutting wood, bamboo, PVC, MDF, and plasterboard is not a problem!

The GALAX PRO 10 measures 11.4’’ x 9’’ x 10.6’’, has an aluminum gear head, and plastic base guard to cut down weight. Installing blades and adjustment is quick and simple. A comfortable soft-grip not only offers comfort but provides better control over the tool.

Plus, the safety of the user is ensured by a double switch and plastic lower guard. There’s a dust extraction feature as well to keep your work surface clean and visible. A 24-tooth carbide blade adds to the tool’s durability. The hex key allows for quick and easy changing of the saw blade.

Overall, it’s a high-speed, compact, lightweight, and smooth-cutting saw for all your light or heavy-duty DIY task. Though you may cut other materials, the blade provided is only intended for wood cutting purposes. The GALAX PRO 10 circular saw is backed with a 2-year warranty.


  • Highest 5800RPM speed
  • Dust blower
  • On-off safety switch
  • Variety of cuts


  • No laser

Best Circular Saws -Buyers Guide

All professional contractors know the struggle of finding a good reliable tool. So we’ve got a well-researched buying guide to help you choose you the best corded circular saws that fits you best.

If you are into woodworking then you need to have the best circular saws -- the type of saws are good for different cuts but are most famous for straight and precise cuts. You need to have one if you are serious about woodworking.

Look for a circular saw that focuses on the user’s needs, performance, accuracy, ergonomics, control, and comfort.

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Styles of circular saw drive

There are 2 basic styles of circular saws that are used for different applications.

·         Sidewinder

Sidewinder circular saw type has a blade that’s direct drive. Motor and blade spin in the same direction as its perpendicular to the blade. The motor uses spur gear (straight tooth gear) and this means that blades have fast spinning speed; usually at 4000-6000 RPM. Although speed is fast, this straight gear has less torque.

The motor position allows for a fairly lightweight and compact circular saw. Plus, the handle is closer to the body of the saw. Also, some sidewinders employ rear-style handle. A lightweight sidewinder saw is much easier to handle. One drawback is that sidewinder saws can be very noisy at higher RPMs.

·         Worm drive

Worm drive also known as gear-driven means there’s a worm gear that turns the blade. The motor is at the rear end of the saw and power is transferred to gears utilizing gears oriented at 90̊ to each other. The major benefit is that it reduces blade speed but increases torque in a small footprint; usually 2000-4000 RPM. You sit behind the blade to have a lot of control. This is a durable robust design while shape makes plunge cuts much easy.

Unlike sidewinder, the gear train on the worm drive type requires oil for lubrication due to sliding friction. This can be a hassle as oil needs to be checked and change from time to time. However, there are advanced worm-drive saw models where gears are sealed in an oiled housing to save regular maintenance.

Worm-drive circular saws are great for cutting lumber on the ground and overhead. It offers good reach and angle when cutting sheets. An excellent choice for notching and bevel cutting!

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Saw blade orientation

You’ll see left-blade and right-blade circular saws. As the name suggests, left-blade saws have blades on the left side and vice versa. Both saws can be used for left-handed and right-handed but the left-blade is designed for left-handle users to see reference line while cutting.

However, It’s completely a matter a preference; which saw you like to use and more comfortable to use.

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Price and blade

When it comes to circular saw price, it ranges from $xx up to $xxx. You must buy a high-quality blade if going for a cheaper saw. Carbide tip blades with a lot of teeth give a finer finish cut. Tungsten carbide teeth increase the durability while the number of teeth affects the quality of finish.

A combination blade with 24-tooth is the one mostly used for framing. A fine-tooth blade is for cutting veneers on plywood. Different blades have different uses! Not all circular saw blades for wood cutting.

There are special blades with hard diamond tip all around the edge for cutting concrete, brick, granite, metal sheets, or even tiles. Carborundum blade is used for cutting metal, plastic, masonry, steel, or fiberglass depending on which type you choose. Make sure the saw blade you purchase is sharp.

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Integrated laser or Led light

People use a guide to keep their cut nice and straight. However, there are circular saws that come with built-in laser guides or LED lights on the front to illuminate the material you work on while an integrated dust-blower clears the area ahead making it saw-dust free. This allows easy visibility for any guidelines drawn on the material. This helps you get a straight cut.

Safety Is Important

A lower guard protects the blade when the saw is not in use. It also protects the operator when the saw is working with a spinning blade. It automatically retracts when cutting.

You can also manually retract the guard via a lever for plunge cuts. Some users remove this guard to make their light in weight. Don’t get rid of this safety feature. The rear handle has both the trigger and safety switches while the front handle adds stability for cutting.

Although some corded circular saws come with good safety features, it’s always recommended to use proper eye, ear, and respiratory protection.

This minimizes the risk of injury from flying sawdust as a circular saw kick up sawdust and chips of wood. Safety glasses are a must! Also, make sure to wear protective work gloves to avoid injury from accidental touch to the blade.

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FAQs about Corded Circular Saws

Is a corded circular saw better than a cordless saw?

Yes, in terms of power. A corded saw has much more power and speed than a cordless saw. A cordless circular saw is considered weak when compared to a corded saw. Also, most of the cordless circular saws are not meant for production.

They’re designed to make a couple of cuts when required. Corded circular saws weigh more while cordless saws are more portable and lightweight. However, brushless DC motors with high voltages in high-end advanced cordless models can generate a lot of power.

How to make shoe markings easy-to-read?

If your metal shoe plate has stamped markings, paint over the markings with colored or white paint and then wipe off the excess while leaving paint in recessed areas.

This makes make markings more visible and easy-to-read even in sawdust from the side, front, or top.

Can circular saw make notch cuts?

Yes. Mark the area you want to clear. Set your blade angle and depth. Then make a series of smaller cuts to clear away the wood. Knock out any remaining wood material using a chisel and hammer for a more clean look.

Why different blades have different tooth numbers?

It’s always a good idea to own different blades for your circular saw to increase versatility. A blade with 18-tooth will make short work of rip cut but leaves a rougher finish on cross-cut and plywood. A 40-tooth blade leaves a nice finish but not so compatible with rip cuts in woodworking.

Final Words

Hopefully, with our guide, we helped you to find the best circular saws. Keep in mind — that each saw comes with different features, so the best corded circular saws are the ones that fit your needs.

Check the project you will use the circular saw, and then find the one that comes with features that will give you the best results.

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We’re a team of engineers, contractors, technicians, and woodworking experts who use power tools daily and share fact-based information, tips, and recommendations. At thetoolgeeks.com, we debunk myths about power tools and share methods to use them effectively.

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We're a team of engineers, contractors, technicians, and woodworking experts who use power tools daily and share fact-based information, tips, and recommendations. At thetoolgeeks.com, we debunk myths about power tools and share methods to use them effectively.

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