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How to use an Air Compressor for Tires? 4 Quick Steps Guide For You!

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The Air compressor stores the air in its tank and then provides compressed air with pressure. While filling any tire, proper air pressure is required, and that’s where the air compressor comes in. But, How to use an air compressor for tires? Well, the detailed answer is in the article below.

We will tell you the steps to use the compressor for filling the tire. What is the difference between filling flat tires of cars and bikes when you use a compressor to fill them? How much is air pressure required for tires?

We’ll also discuss what PSI is suitable for which tire, which mistakes to avoid, if you can drive with less pressure or not, and some more questions.

How to use an Air Compressor for Tires

Tools Required for Filling a Tire with an Air Compressor

Air compressors need some tools to work while filling tires, which helps the compressor work quickly and efficiently. These tools are:

1. Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauges help to measure the pressure. They measure the pressure in PSI (pounds per square inch). The PSI usually starts from 0-250.

However, it also depends on the machine type. It indicates the amount of pressure the compressor will generate.

2. Regulator

A regulator is a device used to regulate the air from the compressor. It helps the user regulate the air’s PSI while filling the tire.

3. Tire Chuck

Tire chucks are the valve fittings that are secure to the tire valve for tire pressure and maintenance. It helps to allow the air to flow to and from. It helps to monitor and maintain the exact inflation.

How to Use an Air Compressor For Tires? (4 Steps)

Follow these four steps to easily, quickly, and safely inflate your vehicle’s tire with an air compressor or air pump:

1. Check Your Vehicle Tire PSI Requirements

Firstly, you need to check your vehicle tire’s PSI and desired pressure requirements. The labels of the psi requirements are usually found on the door’s side of most cars. The information is written in PSI, which is pounds per square inch.

In addition, if there is nothing written on the door of the vehicle, make sure to check the manuals of your vehicle. When they are cold, Cars usually require around 32-35 psi.

2. Remove the Stem Cap from the Valve

  • Firstly rotate the tire, which will make the cap upside down from your point of view.
  • Secondly, spray lubricant on the valve.
  • Then, using pliers, grasp the base of the valve.
  • Using another set of the piler, grasp the cap and twist until it removes.

3. Attach the Air Compressor & Fill the Tire

Using a tire chuck, you need to attach the compressor’s hose with the valve stem. After that, turn on the compressor and fill the tire. But do it slowly so that you do not inflate too much air in it.

4. Detach Air Compressor Air Hose from the Valve

Now that you have finished filling your tire with an air compressor, now detach the air compressor hose from the valve, and turn off the air compressor. Make sure to empty the air compressor tank if you’re putting it off for some period.

Inflate Tires with an Air Compressor

Difference Between Filling Different Types of Tires

How to use an air compressor to inflate bike tires?

Adaptor – For thinner tires, you need different tires while using tire chucks in the filling of bike tires.

Filing Speeds – While filling your bike tire, make sure to fill it slowly because the faster filling can end up in an explosion.

PSI – Usually, thick bike tires need less psi, and thinner ones need more. The road tires need around 80-130 psi, mountain bike tires need 25-35 psi, and the hybrid ones need 40-70 psi.

Gallons – For bike tire filling, you need around a 2,3-gallon model of compressor.

How to Use an Air Compressor to Inflate a Car Tire?

PSI – Mostly, PSI is written on the labels or the vehicle manuals; still, you need around 30-35 psi.

Gallon – You need around 2 gallons of the air compressor tank size to fill the car’s tire.

Filling speed – Filling speed should always be slow; a faster speed can lead to an explosion.

What PSI Should I Set at my Air Compressor to Fill Tires?

For Bike Tires

It depends on the bike tire you have to fill; narrow tires use more psi than wide ones. When filling road tires, you need around 80-130 psi; mountain ones need 25-35 psi; hybrid ones need 40-70 psi.

For Car Tires

It is written on the label of the car, which is at the door of the car. The PSI is mainly written as 30-35 psi when cold.

For Truck Tires

While filling the truck tire, you should know which type of tire it is. If it is a class 8 truck, then you need 105 psi. The best pressure varies with axle load.

For SUV Tires

Although it varies from tire to tire, it still needs 30-35 psi to fill the tire of the SUV car.

Is it Ok to Drive with Low Tire Pressure?

Driving with a less pressure tire is not a good idea. It is hazardous to drive at low temperatures, especially at full speed. There are a lot of chances of breaking down the car.

When you drive with less air pressure, your tire loses grip and traction, and there are many chances of them becoming unstable. So, make sure to maintain proper tire pressure while driving.

How to Inflate Tires using an air compressor

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Filling a Tire with an Air Compressor

Underinflate – Under Inflating a tire means you did not fill the tire appropriately; the air pressure is less than the pressure it needs.

Overinflate – Overinflating the tire means you fill it excessively, making it vulnerable. It can distort the shape, decrease traction, and increase the wear and tear of the tire.

Safety Precautions of Filling a Tire with an Air Compressor

While using an air compressor for filling the tire, you need to be careful about some of the compressor things those are:

  • Maintain the compressor.
  • Checking maximum rating.
  • The shutoff valves should be in your reach.
  • Training your employees.
  • The user must be wearing protective gear.

To avoid any mishap, you need to take care of these things.

What is the 4 PSI Rule?

When the tires are inflated properly, the pressure is measured when it is hot. After traveling when the tire is hot, 4-psi is greater than the pressure compared to the cold tire. Mostly in small cars, you can go to 35 psi to fill the tire.

What Type of Air Compressors Best for Bike Tires?

It is also essential to keep the air in your bike filled when you love to go on adventures with it. There are times when there are no shops to fill up tires, so you would need a portable and compact air compressor to avoid this situation.

These are some compressors that are best for bike tires you can check:

Can I use a portable air compressor for tires?

Yes, indeed, you can use portables. They are affordable and compact. They are easy to carry and can plug into the standard plug. Other than filling a flat tire, it can also blow up a bike tire. Under 3-5 gallons, these portable compressors are easy to use.


How to use an air compressor for tires? You need to check the Tire’s PSI requirements (Maximum Pressure). The next step is removing the stem cap from the valve, attaching the compressor and filling the tire, then detaching the hose from the compressor, but you need to have a pressure gauge, regulator, and tire chuck to work with the compressor.

Inflate the flat tire with an air compressor at the required Psi requirements for bikes, cars, SUVs, and trucks differ. Make sure to follow it.


How long does it take to fill a tire with an air compressor?

When the tire is completely low, it takes some minutes to get a refill. However, it will take 10-20 sec if you have filled the tire recently and now just doing a quick top-off.

How to use an air compressor for Inflating Tires at a gas station?

You need to keep the cap empty or put it where you can find it easily, then attach the pump spout to the air valve. The air will start filling in the tire.

How do you use an air compressor for the first time?

Is this the first time? Do a test run. Please turn off the pressure power, then plug it into the power cord. Now you can start the compressor and turn it on. When the pressure gauge rises, you need to turn it off.

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We're a team of engineers, contractors, technicians, and woodworking experts who use power tools daily and share fact-based information, tips, and recommendations. At thetoolgeeks.com, we debunk myths about power tools and share methods to use them effectively.

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