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Is it OK to Leave Air in an Air Compressor? Air Compressor Draining Guide!

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People who use air compressors must have this question in their minds: is it ok to leave air in an air compressor? To answer that question and help them out, we have discussed letting the air in the compressor in this article.

In addition, we will discuss why you should drain the air from the compressor and how you can drain the air from the compressor. We will also discuss how long you can leave air in an air compressor.

Leaving air in the compressor can be damaging for the compressor as well as risky for the sure to read this article to get a better understanding of it.

is it ok to leave air in an air compressor..

Is it OK to Leave Air In An Air Compressor?

No, it is not ok to leave air in an air compressor. Keeping the air in a compressor is not typically recommended, as it can lead to the machine exploding.

Note: if you’re going to use an air compressor after one hour of shutting it down, then you may keep the air in an air compressor, but if you’re planning to work after a day or more then you should not leave air in your air compressor.

However, if you are careful and know how to properly drain the compressor of air, then you are safe to leave air in the air compressor tank. Another important factor to consider is that compressors should be drained frequently, usually each time they are used.

The operating life of a compressor varies greatly depending on how well it is maintained and used. Every time the compressor is used the unit should be cleaned and drained of the air that has accumulated inside.

If there is air left in the compressor, it can create a dangerous situation, as the compressed air can explode. Always make sure to read the owner’s manual for your specific compressor. It will tell you the recommended maintenance routine.

Why Should I Drain my Air Compressor?

It’s important to drain your air compressor’s tank regularly to ensure peak performance. It will help remove any moisture or debris that may have built up over time. Additionally, draining the compressor tank will help keep the internal components cool and lubricated.

There are some other factors because of which you should drain your air compressor. Those are:

1. Increase Air Compressor Life

If you fail to drain water vapor or air from your air compressor regularly, it can lead to premature failure of the unit. By draining the tank, you’re removing any liquid that may have accumulated and preventing it from corroding the internal components.

It’s also important to note that leaving the air in the compressor tank can reduce its lifespan. So, draining can increase the lifespan of the compressor.

2. Quality of Air Compressor

When you fail to drain your compressor tank, it can increase the risk of dirt and debris entering the system. If this happens, it could easily damage one or more components in the air tool itself.

It will lead to a decrease in performance and a significantly shorter lifespan. Draining helps the compressor to work efficiently and effectively.

3. Compressed Air Tank Protection

Air compressor care is necessary, but when you fail to drain the compressor tank regularly, it can lead to corrosion and rusting within the system. It can lead to many problems, including a decrease in tank pressure and a rise in noise levels.

Additionally, it can cause the tank to fail prematurely. It can damage the compressor and risk its protection.

How to Drain Out Air Compressor Air After Use?

The draining of the compressor is necessary. It saves its life and makes it work more effectively. A few steps will help you drain your compressor.

  • To drain all the air from the tank completely follow these simple steps:
  • Locate the drain valve on the bottom of the compressor tank.
  • Turn off the compressor and unplug it from the power source
  • Open the drain valve and allow all of the air to escape
  • Close the valve when finished and reattach any hoses or cords to the compressor
  • Push down on the handle to test for leaks
  • If there are any, reopen the drain valve and allow more air to escape until no more can be heard coming out of the tank.

How Often Should I Drain My Air Compressor?

To maintain maximum air pressure, it is always best practice to drain the tank after every use. It will help minimize and prevent moisture build-up and extend the life of your compressor.

Compressors can last anywhere from five to eight years when used regularly. However, if you don’t drain the tank after every use, likely, the compressor will only last for two to three years. By not draining the air compressor, you are allowing moisture to build up, which is extremely dangerous.

Can an Air Compressor Explode If You Do Not Drain It?

A small amount of air is typically present in the compressor tank and piping after shutdown. This air is necessary for the proper operation of the compressor during startup. If this air is not allowed to dissipate before startup, an explosive mixture may form and cause an explosion.

Air Compressor explosion usually occurs when there is a sudden release of energy, such as when starting or stopping the compressor. Remember that you should always allow compressors enough time to cool down before restarting.

A compressor is a device that increases the pressure of air or other gasses. Make sure that there is no air left in the compressor when you are finished with it, as this can result in an explosion.

You should regularly drain your air compressor or every time you use it. It will prevent explosions, thereby extending the life of your compressor.

How Long Can I keep Pressurized Air in an Air Compressor?

You can leave air in an air compressor, and no, there is no danger of the compressor exploding. However, you should still drain the compressor regularly to remove any moisture or debris that may have built up. It also depends on your usage.

If you leave the air compressor pressurized, moisture will enter the compressor tank, causing rust and corrosion. It will also damage the air compressor, even if it is made of solid material that shouldn’t corrode.

You should drain your air compressor when you notice a decrease in performance or power output. There may also be an increase in noise or vibration. In general, compressors should be drained after every use, regardless of whether they are used for personal or business purposes.

What is the Life Expectancy of an Air Compressor?

According to estimates, a compressor will last around 8-10 years.

When you maintain your compressor and drain its tank, you will likely have it for longer than 8-10 years. However, this cannot be guaranteed.

Does the way a compressor is used affect its life expectancy? Yes, maintenance and use of the compressor impact the compressor’s lifespan.

Can I Leave An Air Compressor Turned On?

Since the compressor is not designed to run continuously, be sure to turn it off when it is not in use. It will help prolong the life expectancy of your equipment and save energy costs.

However, it is important to understand that if there is too much air in the system, it can cause problems. By running the compressor, the pressure will force any excess air out through the release valve. If this does not happen and the pressure builds up, it can cause the compressor to explode.

is it ok to leave air in an air compressor..

How Long Can You Leave an Air Compressor Running?

On average the duration of a compressor depends on its duration divided by the duration of the system. However, it does vary depending on the type of compressor you have or you choose a screw type.

A reciprocating compressor cannot continue its operation at full volume for 50% of the time specified, which should be less. These types have a huge heat capacity and a basic cooling system producing large volumes. Therefore internal parts heat up which increases the danger of overheating during maintenance.


Is it ok to leave air in a compressor? Holding air in a compressor is not generally recommended, as it can increase the chances of an explosion. However, if the compressor is regularly drained, it is safe to leave a small amount of air in the system.

The life expectancy of a compressor varies depending on its use and maintenance but typically ranges from eight to ten years. Drain your air compressor tank regularly to ensure optimal performance and extend the life of your unit.

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We're a team of engineers, contractors, technicians, and woodworking experts who use power tools daily and share fact-based information, tips, and recommendations. At thetoolgeeks.com, we debunk myths about power tools and share methods to use them effectively.

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